Useful Workplace Essays Examples

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Sample research paper on ethics: corporate responsibility in the workplace and the world

The stakeholders for PharmaCare would include its management, employees, investors, stockholders, consumers, environmental groups, the government, the government of Colberia and its citizens, the 'healers' of Colberia, and the Colberian employees. The huge difference in the standards of living between the executives and the locals indicates the fact that PharmaCare >>>

Example of essay on best workplace

Motivation of staff in the absence of NetApp provides daily reports and other stress factors as such, but in the end the employee must demonstrate the most important thing - the result. The SAS Institute is one of the main features of the motivation lies in the fact that the >>>

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Literature review on improving workplace behaviour for better performance

Work psychology is mainly concerned with several relationships, but the main issues are the relationship between the individual and the individual's work and the relationships among the members of an organisation. Despite the amount of different factors that define workplace behaviour, knowing leadership skills, employeemotivation practices, and how to translate >>>

Harassment/bullying in the workplace essay examples

Among the critical problems that the company is facing are the ethical issues concerning employees and/or members of the middle management that engaged in acts of harassment and or bullying. Recently, the Canadian operations of Wal-Mart was placed on a heat seat in referenceto a case filed by a female >>>

Good term paper on diversity in the workplace

Several survey results have confirmed that a diverse workforce by bringing in different insights adds to the development of product and services for different segments of people. A diverse workforce by giving different inputs also helps ensure that the products and services of a company are up to the expectation >>>

Camp bow wow under management workplace videos in chapter 1 essay examples

For example, Sue is the owner and the executive officer of CBW while Sladlace is a general manager at the company. For example, she shares how challenging it is for staff to ensure they offer the best service to the dogs and at the same time, provide excellent customer service >>>

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J.c penny new challenges in the changing workplace

Drunker, argues that the 21st century managers have the responsibility and challenge driving productivity through improvement of the efficiency and productivity of knowledge workers, permanent workers, contingent and temporary workers.J.C. The biggest challenge for J.C.

Sexual harassment in workplace

Circumstances and EffectsMany of the workers who commit the act in Pepsi claim that they are not aware that the act they committed could be regarded as sexual harassment. In order for the act to be regarded as sexual harassment, the harasser's actions should not be welcomed by the victim.

Professional conflict at workplace

This was a significant and extensive task in which we had to enter all the data provided to us in an apt and efficient manner. Eventually, the resultant value did not match to the reports provided to us and instead of rechecking her work she started accusing me in front >>>

Analysis of the article rules sought for workplace wellness questionnaires by natasha singer

Question 3If I was designing a wellness program for employees in my company, there are several key elements I would put in place to show that the program is fair to all. To avoid this problem, I would ensure that the employees identified the need for the program, determined how >>>

The the workplace. this must change so

Through community outreach, it is possible to change the attitudes and beliefs of the public. It is essential to strive towards the future and progress of society.

Example of essay on workplace law

In this case, Jane and TMMS discussed on terms of the contract and were in agreement, implying that the contract was valid and enforceable in case of breach of terms highlighted in the agreed conditions. Miller, R.& Jentz, G.

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Workplace and drug testing

Drug checking in employees is something that has caused great debate, with regard to the rights of the employees involved and this will be the focus of discussion in this paper. As such, it is the responsibility of every employer to ensure that its employees are free of drug use >>>

Workplace safety case study sample

The plan is a good plan as it seeks to be proactive, rather than the solution seeking approaches of the past. Merton should vigorously advocate the management's aspirations of a high safety level in the factory.

Good example of research paper on workplace diversity

This paper tries to scrutinise and analyse the issue of diversity in the workplace, its implications, how it can be used and its effects on the productivity or lack of in the organisation. Diversity is an important component of the workplace and a significant tool of growing the organisation.

Example of human resource and workplace management essay

High turnover in the hospitality, tourism and events industry leads to loss of information and knowledge, thereby affecting efficiency and quality of service delivered by the new employee. In terms of high costs and loss of sustained knowledge acquisition, caused by high labour turnover rates, knowledge sharing is especially critical >>>

Audience in workplace essay examples

In my mind, I imagine that my primary will read the message with profound disappointment while the secondary audience will receive the message with much relief, as professionalism is one of key values of the organization.8. Some of the benefits associated to this message are the clarity and precisely due >>>

Managing diversity at workplace

The problems are however that enough of company's resources are wasted in getting to know one another and the dictum which is spoken as a commonality amongst the people who are from diverse backgrounds. I have been a witness of one such diverse basis within an organization where an Arab >>>

Essay on psychological contract in workplace

The way the management treats the employees and the manner in which the workforce reacts to the treatment, describes the significance of the psychological contract for the occurrence of emotional issues in the work situation. The degree of fairness and respect between the employer and the workforce determines the employees' >>>

The importance of workplace diversity in multinational business

Besides that, people from different ethnic backgrounds can be transferred to any office of the same country in any other region and this would also help in the reduction of costs of hiring staff in that particular region. Communication can be made better through this bilingual staff and it can >>>

Cultural diversity in the workplace essay sample

Anecdotally, and in practice, Accenture continue to invest heavily in the execution of diversity and inclusion programs in the belief that closing the gap that exists between its aspirations, the beliefs and values of it leadership, and the characteristics displayed by its workforce will drive increased business and operational effectiveness. >>>

Free essay about hospitality workplace relations

Particularly for the backpackers, I would want to ensure that they are always closely following what needs to be accomplished and not having to wonder what may be the right thing to do. I believe that if I give the staff the opportunity to air their grievances that in that >>>

Literature review on the effects of workplace engagement on employees

However, it can be generally referred to as the ability and willingness of employees to help the organization in which they are employed achieve its objectives. In order to increase employee engagement, the human resource department should come up with a variety of ways through which employees can be empowered.

Tattoo acceptance in the workplace

The management is the most appropriate to address as it is the one responsible for hiring employees and the one mostly opposed to the idea of tattoos in the workplace. The acceptance of tattoos in the workplace mainly depends on the nature of the organization and the mode of contact >>>

The positive effects of stress in the workplace essay sample

Stress can be defined as the emotional, behavioral, cognitive and psychological reaction to a stressor; usually a noxious and aversive aspect of work, environment of work or the work organizations. The difference between negative stress and positive stress lies in the products of stress.

Essay on discrimination in the workplace

The term discrimination refers to unequal and unfair treatment of certain groups of people or one person in view of the origin, nationality, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, political beliefs or any other discriminatory criterion. Another indicator of discrimination is the use of facilities, or to be more >>>

Example of article review on workplace spirituality and the selling organization a conceptual framework and research

Consequently, the main aim of the research conducted by authors is to put forth a conceptual framework that explicates the role of workplace spirituality in selling organizations. It is considerable that research has relied mainly on secondary sources of information and no primary research has been conducted by researchers to >>>

Positive impact of workplace diversity in the uae

Positive Impact of Workplace Diversity in the UAE anme Positive Impact of Workplace Diversity in the UAE Workplace diversity is referred to as "the co-existence of staff from diverse racial and cultural backgrounds in a particular organization". In enhancing the employment of workplace diversity, organizations manage to enjoy benefits such >>>

Abuse in the workplace- a case of gender discrimination

Abuse in the Workplace- a case of Gender Discrimination inserts his/her Inserts submission Women continue to claim that discrimination hampers their progress in organizations. Discrimination, such as the above, adds to the woes of females in the workplace by lowering their morale and threatening their self-esteem.

Value of communication skills in the workplace

The majority of the population that use technology methods of communication have no idea of the value of face-to-face communication. This form of communication is good for employees because the young managers being mentored by the older workers will keep a good flow of communication within the workplace.

Demonstrative communication in workplace and at home

According to authors of Communicating in the Workplace understanding nonverbal messages can help people to interact better with each other."Remember, the silent communication of your body language says as much as your words.". To us Americans time is as we say "money", we always run out of time and we >>>

Understanding the communication process in the workplace

All that because of the team hard work and the effective communication that was among them and the trust that they build up among them and ultimately they could achieve this project on time and in effective way. To make everyone comfortable, and to guide them to have an open >>>

Communicating in the workplace

What seemed to be the main causes of the misunderstandings? Myself What was the message?

The importance of communication in the modern workplace

The project specifics, the company policies, requirements, the price and the deadlines have to be clear to both parties. Through this kind of memorandum, the management is able to communicate to the employees to come to the office early and start the day on time.

Mediated communication in the workplace: email etiquette argumentative essay example

As with all the other tips in the email etiquette article, it pays to check and double-check before clicking send. The channels that mediate the communication of email at work could stand to have filters such as a grammar and spelling check before sending email.

Fundamentals of effective communication in the workplace persuasive essay

We as a family and the owners of the restaurant had a goal to triple our demographic and triple the daily revenue. Thus we embarked on a campaign to grow the business and make a concrete communication network between the workers and the customers.

Good workplace communication assessment essay example

For a good communication environment to prevail in the workplace, it is critical to determine the communication objective and its purpose which happens to be the first step for introducing effective communication to either influence, inform, persuade or sell to other people whom one comes into contact with. Through active >>>

Good research paper about diversity in the workplace

In a multi-cultural workplace with a labor force of minor racial ethnicity, discrimination on the part of the racial majority often takes place due to the ignorance of the differences about the cultural nuances of the minority culture. The discrimination faced in the workplace by the Hispanic Latinos make them >>>

Intercultural communication in the workplace paper essay sample

In the Indian culture, if individuals of opposite sex meet together and particularly if it is the women that initiate the meeting then the goal is romance or implication that there is commitment. In the event they need to communicate, they have to do it in a way that clarifies >>>

M3.30 understanding the communication process in the workplace

We can add another step to this process in that for most communication in the business world we are expecting a response to be received in some way, either a confirmation that the message has been received or a direct action in response to the message. The sender needs to >>>

Important workplace traits

When stress in the workplace reaches a high level and carries over to your personal life in a negative way though, this is a sign that you need to do something to properly manage it so that it does not spiral out of control further._________________________________________________________________________________________ "The magic behind every outstanding >>>

The different barriers to effective communication and stereotyping in everyday life and at a workplace

Gender stereotypes usually applied towards women, as in real life and on a workplace and can lead woman who are under the pressure of stereotype to feel frustrated and uncomfortable in the working place. ConclusionIn the last years, we can see the changes in communication between different cultures and that >>>

Workplace issues

Response One of the biggest advantages of having association with a collective bargaining association for a nurse is the job security that comes with it. Belongingness to a collective bargaining association is helpful in the case under consideration at least to the extent where the decisions of the top management >>>

How plants increase productivity in the workplace

Unlike past studies which were focused on the physical effects of indoor plants among office workers, Fjeld and his associates observed the benefits of indoor plants on the psychological feelings of well-being among the subjects. In the result of the study, the plants in the office considerably reduced the health >>>

Free thesis on sexual harassment in the workplace

All the employees must be aware of legal, social rights in the workplace, and that sexual harassment is a serious illegality that is punishable by the law. The assertion is simply the inculcation of sexual harassment policies that give invaluable lessons to employees on the circumstances that can be described >>>

Criminal justice workplace observation paper

Attorneys are responsible for making sure the legal aspects of the case in regards to the child are being followed. The DHR workers are responsible for making sure the welfare of the child is in their best interest.

Violations at the workplace

According to section 8f, the complaint has to be reduced to writing, where the grounds for an inspection are given with the details of the issues stated and the letter has a signature from the employee. Having to ask for an inspection because of a disgruntled employee will inconvenience the >>>

Example of workplace article review

The article 'predictors of abusive supervision' describes the results of a research that was carried out to find the causes of abusive supervision in the workplace. The three variables investigated are not the only ones that could be leading to abusive supervision.

Harassment at workplace essay examples

Workplace violence and sexual harassment are similar and different phenomena at the same time. Preventing Violence and Harassment at the Workplace.

Workplace violence in abc corporation

The director of finance and her administrative assistant were shot and killed by the employee exhibiting strange behavior; the employee committedsuicideprior to the arrival of the police. I think that drug testing should be mandatory for security officers because their job is to protect and they cannot do a good >>>

Statistics on workplace violence

There are different types of workplace violence, which can be categorized as follows:violence by outsiders or nonemployees, usually in the attempt of a crime, such as robbery or shoplifting,violence by a customer or a client, such as a student or a patient,violence by employees and former employees,violence by domestic partners, >>>

Sexual harassment in the workplace of healthcare professionals research paper example

Therefore, the sexual harassment of a nurse leads to disruption of the deliverance of safe and quality healthcare. Sexual harassment of children is disturbing, and it is a huge betrayal to the parents.

Managing conflict in a female dominated workplace

The article of Tracy Douglass presented only a grain of truth about working women and their behavior that can be a source of challenge and conflict in the workplace. The description sounded more of a social stereotyping than an objective analysis of the causes of conflict in a female dominated >>>

Breaking bad news at the workplace

The right HR executives with the right communication and people skills must be hand-picked to execute the plan. Preserve integrity! - Most importantly, the management must be forthright and upfront, preserve the integrity of all people involved and respectfully the needs of both the affected employees as well as HR.

Workplace analysis

Workplace Analysis The business organization is in the financial and banking industry. The mission statement of institution is aspiration to become the world's specialist in the banking industry and driven through commitment to values and core philosophies.

Emotions in the workplace

There should be greater emphasis on leadership and supervisory role-play that is conducive to the workforce present; the best of which is transformational leadership and role-play. Accordingly, there is a need for exploration of the prevailing emotional links between the leadership present and the employee force.

Ip4 diversity in the workplace

The act was also designed with the aim of extending the commission of civil rights; prevent discrimination in all federal assist programs and to form a commission on equal employment opportunities. Religious practices that would be difficult to accommodate by management without any hardship for the companyConclusionReligion is indeed a >>>

Workplace smoking bans and perceived stress

The result of this study revealed the fact that there is a different relationship formed between workplace smoking bans and work stress depending on different age groups. Generally, workplace smoking bans directly increase the work stress of young adult smokers and for people who have been smoking for a long >>>

Hidden body language in the workplace

New accounting procedures that are regulated by GAAP are often difficult to manage and impact the quality of ledger production as well as managing the activities of the accounting group. Many workers in this particular culture find these reviews to be too critical and they communicate their dissatisfaction with constructive >>>

Ethical behavior in workplace

I was offended by the whole episode and reacted by pointing out that the manager was not only violating work ethics but that his act can be justifiably construed as racial discrimination. The value system inculcated by my parents was a vital enabling element that had equipped me with necessary >>>

Religion in the workplace

A company may reap the blessings of a group or an individual true Christian and still not be biased to that person onlybecause of the good that is coming out of it. Using the view of deontology it serves as a good foundation and rule of them to treat others.

Essay on workplace diversity

Cultural diversity can be defined as the differences that exist in people in terms of culture."Culture" on the other hand is refers to the attitudes and behavior that are characteristic of a particular social group or organization. Firstly, they argued that power distances refer to the extent at which equality >>>

How to deal with discrimination in the workplace

In the case provided to us, Julie works in the human resources department and found out that the owner of thatfamilyowned business rejected her friend Bandu on the ground that he is not white. According to this law[3], the reasons of business confidentiality include the concept of trade secrecy and >>>

Discrimination: veterans in the workplace

Whether they are reservist called to active duty returning to their workplaces or active duty members that fulfilled their obligations and are seeking a new career in the civilian workforce, they are viewed differently and many may be subjected to discrimination in the workplace. As detailed by the Department of >>>

Employee discrimination in the workplace

In order to have a prosecutable age discrimination case Isabelle carries the initial burden of proof. For Isabelle to successfully file a lawsuit against QTV, she is required by law to first file a charge of discrimination with the EEOC.

The preventing workplace discrimination

In terms of the first, it is important to consider whether the employee will be better suitable for teamwork or individual tasks, for example. The personality in this case will determine which requirements the employee will be best suited for, and must be aligned with the requirements of the job >>>

Justification for discrimination in the workplace critical thinkings examples

According to Kant, discrimination in the workplace is argued to be morally wrong and by the appeal to the considerations of justice. In Mill's view, discrimination is inappropriate in the work place and has no justification.

Example of effectiveness of workplace democracy term paper

The Department of the Navy administers the organization of the United States Navy. This organization is mainly to ensure that the United States is safe from aggression and to maintain the freedom of the seas.

Affirmative action in workplace essay sample

The objective of this paper is to highlight the concept of affirmative action in the workplace, and explain why one person of gender or race would be hired over another more qualified for the position just to fulfill hiring requirements, while using Kantian and Utilitarian ethical theories to justify each >>>

Workplace discrimination

Many people would be in denial of this accusation claiming that discrimination is in the past, but if it's in the past, why is it still a key issue today in our laws? In the workplace there is a good deal of evidence that shows racial and gender discrimination still >>>

Should humor be encouraged in the workplace?

Thirdly, the reason why people can not make jokes will be explained, and the possibility of injecting humor in the workplace will be evaluated. The most significant advantage of using humor in the workplace is to make employees healthy.

the role of ei in the assignment workplace essay sample

The question that I have chosen to answer was "managing feelings and social perceptiveness are keys to success in the workplace". Between personal worries and concerns about the possibility of unemployment, more and more organizations are wondering what they should do in order to help in the process of managing >>>

Conflict management in workplace report sample

The situation started improving when team leader asked all the team members to explain their concepts in detail. All team members respected his order and provided the details of their concepts.

Virtual workplace in companies

Organizations wishing to implement a virtual office would have to ensure that the benefits of telecommuting will outweigh the costs of the company hence, will quantitatively not create a cost centre within the organization. Identify possible candidates for the virtual office Depending on the structure of the organization, some divisional >>>

Womens rights in the workplace

Women are not required to work at a slower pace than men and are required to pay the same for bills and schooling, so it is not fair for them to make less money. As a matter of fact, the proportion of jobs available to women in the Coast Guard >>>

Ergonomics and the workplace health and social care essay

Biotechnologies is the scientific discipline of suiting workplace conditions and occupation demands to the capableness of the working population, it tends to look into work related jobs that poses a hazard of musculoskeletal upsets and ways of relieving them. This policy would be implemented and reviewed three times a twelvemonth >>>

Leveraging workplace diversity

Against sexdiscriminationAct1984Workplace diversity refers to the ways of recognizing and respecting the individual differences of the workers and being able to manage them as they work. In the places work there is need for diversity in terms of gender, type of work to be done, age tribe/race and even the >>>

How can resourcing and development add value to the modern workplace

In addition to on-the-job experience, P; G provides a wealth of technical, functional and leadership skills training. P; G's intent is to offer professional sustainable development, recruitment and diversity activities in the workplace.

Disadvantages of virtual workplace

This can lead to misinterpretations and incorrect assumptions that can presume further complexities in the work front. It is clearly indicative of the fact that face to face meetings are more effective means of communication that develops trust andrespectfor fellow workers and managers.

Workplace feminism

The result of these aspects are childless women feeling that they have to take on more hours, denied personal and vacation time, resented by working mothers, and not offered special benefits that working mothers receive. 5 hours less than her childless female colleagues" Therefore childless women feel that working mothers >>>

Workplace romances

The power motive is where one or two of the people involved is looking to increase their position in the company or seeking more visibility. From the top of the company there is a very conservative outlook upon office romances.

Analyzing diversity in the workplace

This paper is about designing a model to analyze the dimensions of diversity and implement a training program to implement the results. It is important for the leaders of an organization to design a model to analyze the diversity of their the organization so they can develop acultural diversitytraining program.

Training in the workplace

This research will show if the age of the employee has an effect on how they see the training, will the younger employees value the training more because they can see the benefits of possiblecareerprogression, training does increase the chances of promotion and job opportunities. The data I will be >>>

Conflicts in the workplace

For example compiling the payroll by the accountant before it is signed by the manager and the checks dispatched may cause conflict if the accountant does not deliver the payroll in time. All parties involved in overt conflicts are aware of what is happening and consequently know the reason for >>>

Changing roles of women in the workplace

Subtopic 2: Constraints for Women in the Workforce The main constraints women face are related to the fact that most bosses are still male and hold to their stereotypes. The overall participation of women in the workplace has risen, and more and more women are promoted to managerial positions.

Gender issues at the workplace in europe, asia, africa, and usa

Matters arising in countries all over the world relate to the fact that there is a perceived sense of gender bias in the gender distribution of jobs across the globe. UNESCO is one of their paper works reveal that women are underrepresented in all decision-making structures in the ICT sector, >>>

How language is used in the workplace

Save their own skins type of people, learn from your own mistakes, many people are outspoken and tactless, curbed in office, think before speaking, do not speak your mind, speak how you expect to be spoken to, open, formal, to the pointSpoken Language Study Social Attitudes to Spoken Language Investigate >>>

Technology at workplace essay sample

Many employees come with flash drives at work, so they can transfer critical business information and use it for their own personal gainsAdvantages of Technology in the Workplace:Improves communication:Many businesses are using various business communication technologies to change the way their employees interact and communicate while at work. Use of >>>

Sexual harassment in the workplace essay

Sexual harassment can be defined as the unwelcome and unwanted sexual advances, sexual favors requests or any other physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature that is directed to an individual. According to the New York State Bar Association, there are two common forms of sexual harassment the work >>>

Problems face by multicultural ireland in the workplace essay

The foreign employees may end up feeling left out as well as disrespected, this may result in underperformance in the terms of their respective places of work as well as the development of defensive mechanism among the foreign employers hence affecting the general performance of the organization as it strains >>>

Sample research paper on racial stereotype in the workplace

The culture of racial stereotyping can also limit the ability of the management to achieve progress due to the lack of opportunity of leveraging on their employee's skills and knowledge to attain maximum productivity. In order to determine the best approach to overcome the issue, it is necessary to identify >>>

Free sexual harassment as a behavioral issue in the workplace essay sample

That is why, the primary purpose of this issue paper is to thoroughly investigate on the theory of sexual harassment, the major factors driving motivation towards, and the accounts connected with the action. However then, many are the cases where the doer of the action will not be of much >>>

A discussion on sexual harassment and workplace impacts essays examples

Sexual harassment is one of the most prominent social issues that not only affects the victim, but also the decorum of workplace as a whole. In instances of sexual harassment, the presence of abuse at workplace harms the targets and also the secondary victims who witness or hear about it.

Example of the role of personality in the workplace literature review

Robertson & Fairweather worked towards broadening this empirical and theoretical framework by providing a study of the evidence of variables of personality and its relation to work performance. They also emphasized several important issues such as the importance and the advantages of structural frameworks for the variables of personality such >>>

Current ethical issues in the workplace essay sample

The issue of ethics in the workplace comprises a large problem that needs a great deal of considerations. In order to understand the concept of workplace ethical issues better, we will have to examine some of the most recent and most popular ethical questions raised in the workplace.