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  1. Report on the lessons i learned during summer internship at accrual intelligence manuals india pvt. ltd
    The experience of my summer internship helped me in attaining the following things such as:Following through with a client is very important No deals happen in the first few contacts as clients are not aware of you and need thinking time. Working in the sales department This enhanced the information >>>
  2. Developing bus rapid transit system in india
    The share of Indian transportation investments in total public investment declined during the period from the early 1950s to the early 1980s; real public transportation investment also declined during much of that period because of the need for funds in the rest of the economy. Badami and Haider [1] explored >>>
  3. Union carbide disaster: bhopal, india
    What was worse was that localhealthofficials had not been educated on the toxicity of the chemicals used at the Union Carbide plant therefore there were no emergency procedures in place to protect the people of Bhopal. Panic broke out in the city of Bhopal and the areas surrounding more then >>>
  4. Why india is a country to visit
    According to the Kirstie McCrum WalesOnline, the first Naan bread was made in Persia around 1300 AD, India is home to one of the hottest chilies in the world, the "bhut jolokia". It's an ancient festival with the first mentions of it's dating ALL the way back to a 4th-century >>>
  5. History and development of gardening of ornamental plants in india
    Running water is the life and soul of the garden and the water channels are paved with tiles of brilliant blue colour to reflect the sky and give the impression of depth. The role of ornamental plants with reference to human's health, physiological and psychological in the workspace.
  6. Milk production in india
    Avanoor bounded with Mundathicode and velur panchayath in the North, Kaiparambu panchayath in the west, Adatt and Kolazhy panchayaths in the south, Mulankunnathkavu panchayath in the east. In the study mainly considered 50 dairy farmers in the panchayath from the total 1576 dairy farmers in the sample frame let us >>>
  7. Business problem of non-government organization in rural development (primary education) through a study conducted on "i care india” ngo
    Some of the issues and challenges faced by "I CARE INDIA" are listed below This is one of the most common problems faced by NGO's in India. Their visions have changed and the majority of them need to work in urban territories as it were.
  8. Natural vegetation of india
    Regardless of the moderating influences of the Himalayas in the north and the sea in the south, variations do exist in temperature, humidity and precipitation. While precipitation is mostly in the form of snowfall in the upper parts of the Himalayas, it rains over the rest of the country.
  9. Evolution of corporate governance in india and abroad
    Further, a corporate responsibility to the externalenvironment, its constituents, and other stakeholders has not received the attention it deserve in recommendations of many of the committees set up on corporate governance in different parts of the world. The responsibilities of the board: The corporate governance framework should ensure the strategic >>>
  10. Women empowerment in india
    Women Empowerment in India: A psychological view Women Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social and economic strength of Women. Still in India women are discriminated and marginalized at every level of the society.
  11. Women employment in india
    20 Conclusion & Recommendation26 References27 Introduction This issue of the Gender Discrimination looks at the gender aspects of this impact, and updates indicators on the situation of women in labor markets. This report presents alternative scenarios for selected labor market indicators in 2008 and 2009 in order to illustrate the >>>
  12. Water war between india and pakistan essay
    India plans to build a structure on the mouth of River Jhelum making it have the absolute capability to control the flow of the water during winter as proclaimed by Pakistan. The decision to do so does not imply that India will control the water from flowing downstream the river >>>
  13. Reflection essay on corruption in india
    Most of the largest sources of corruption in India are entitlement programmes and social spending schemes enacted by the Indian government. India Against Corruption is a movement created by a citizens from a variety of professions and statuses to work against corruption in India.
  14. short speech on corruption in india essay sample
    However the main reason is lack of implementation of the rules and laws. The efficiency of governmental and private institutions decreases tremendously due to corruption.
  15. Differences between in india and china about buddhism
    Siddharta Gautama is a prince in the kingdom of Magadha who abandoned his rank, privileges, and even his wife and child; in search for an answer of the true existence in life. Also, like in India, Buddhism introducedequalityin the treatment of women, and opposing parties.
  16. Why has india been able to build a thriving software industry? what are the country’s advantages in this market? what are the country’s disadvantages?
    India has been able to build a thriving software industry due to its good educational system which has enabled India to produce a large number of well and highly qualified soft ware engineers. India's low labour cost has also contributed to the growth of the soft ware industry by increasing >>>
  17. Fdi in india: an analysis on the impact of fdi in india’s retail sector
    This paper aims to discuss the critical aspects of FDI in India, present a case study on the success of reforms in the telecommunications sector, analyze both sides of the arguments currently going on regarding FDI in retail and conclude with suggestive measures on the part of the government which >>>
  18. This 29-year old wants to bring cloud platform for driverless cars to india
    Raphael Gindrat,the Founder and CEO of BestMile was in India recently. A graduate from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Gindrat is 29-year old and has specialized in the field of transportation.
  19. The outsourcing practices of australian companies for virtual stuff in india
    As many Australian companies are taking a big decision to outsource virtual staff in India, it's the same scenario that did happen when the US-based companies were practicing this same outsourcing formula."Australian companies are well aware of the capabilities in Indian staff as they have skills and knowledge that are >>>
  20. Sample essay on current healthcare system in india
    The existing healthcare system in India encompasses central and state government owned, financed and operated health institutes, hospitals, maternity homes, medical colleges, community health centers, clinics and dispensaries. In addition, a significant majority is also deprived of medical cover and health cover from organizations; however, the government has introduced healthcare >>>
  21. Insurance sector of india
    1818 saw the advent of life insurance business in India with the establishment of the Oriental Life Insurance Company in Calcutta. 1870 saw the enactment of the British Insurance Act and in the last three decades of the nineteenth century, the Bombay Mutual, Oriental and Empire of India were started >>>
  22. Essay on india and nepal
    The exhibition room was very small and planned in a way that the paintings were cleardue to the spaces between them. There were panels that were put in the exhibition room and they served the purpose of lighting inside the exhibition.
  23. Water crisis in india side effect of climate change essay examples
    We analyze the affect of Climate change on the water resources in India. The situation of water resources is grim in India and climate change is exacerbating thedepletion of these resources.
  24. Constitution of india essay
    After going through the Constitution of India essay you will know about the features of Constitution, who was in the drafting committee of the constitution, which other constitutions is the Indian constitution inspired from, how long does it took to draft the Constitution, and other facts of the Constitution of >>>
  25. If i would be the president of india
    But privileges and power to bring amendments to the policies and laws in the country are held with the higher authorities like the President. If I were the President of the country, I would have taken up the issues that adversely affect the society and our country.
  26. Product: outlets all across india in the
    Product:The Oppo has various series of phones for different targetsegments Oppo F Series Oppo A Series Oppo N Series Oppo R Series Oppo Neo Series Oppo Mirror SeriesOppo has its primary target as the young female in the ageof 18-30 who are interested in selfie, camera quality and slim handsets. >>>
  27. Unrest youth of india essay sample
    The Rigid caste system has made the choices of life partner to the likes of the family and not the youth what he/she wants to do even from educational field to every aspects and walks of life except the Job of the person. Fired by the stimulus and success syndrome >>>
  28. Final existed in ancient india. hinduism recognizes many
    It is not that the philosophydiscounts the existence of the individual, it only goes against the fact thatan individual is somehow different from the collective. The "TheCommandments," the nature of hell and heaven, the analogies of 'sheep andshepherd' various other tenets of the faith point to the fact that God >>>
  29. Low cost carries in india
    In 2003 when Air Deccan, the first Indian LCC took to the sky, they had the aim of covering all areas of the country, hence giving the best opportunity to all travellers to get to their destination at minimum cost. The uncompromising roles certain companies and people play in India >>>
  30. A comparison of democratization process in china and india
    In the present day, democracy has become a very popular system of government as the West and other advocates continue to hail it as a suitable form of governing the society. Based on the arguments of Francis Fukuyama, a resolution is reached regarding the best way to organize the political >>>
  31. India’s intelligence and internal security
    New and complex manifestations in the nature of security threats, states resorting to low-cost option of covert actions to achieve their objectives, abundance and accessibility of lethal weapons, availability and accessibility of lethal technology, quick and easy trans-national mobility, low efficacy of conventional security measures, etc. Yet another upcoming threat >>>
  32. Health care system in india
    Drucare are the pioneers of this system in India. It is the mainstay of Health care in India.
  33. Advantages of fdi in retail in india
    Benefits to consumers: Consumers will get variety of good quality products at low prices compared to market rates and will be able to choose from various international brands at one place.) Lack of Infrastructure: This has been one of the common issues in the retailing chain in India for years, >>>
  34. Cultural differences between india and canada essay sample
    The food in both of the countries is very different. In India, the colour white is considered to be pure and divine.
  35. Nationalism in india essay sample
    There were religious Sikhs in the Punjab to the West, Muslims in Bengal to the East, Hindu Maratha tribes in the Deccan Plateau, Tamil speakers in the South, and Hindu princes in Hyderabad. The hub of the Mughal Empire was in the densely populated northern region along The Ganges River >>>
  36. Coca-cola india case study analysis
    Furthermore, soon after the addition of carbonated water, Coca-Cola brand was given the honor of 1887 and in just year of two years, the brand began to spread its sales all over the world. Furthermore, as it began its sales in India, the Coca-Cola began to see its rise again >>>
  37. Culture of india
    Along with the neighbouring urban areas, including the cities of Navi Mumbai and Thane, it is one of the most populous urban regions in the world. India is the cradle of human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother >>>
  38. The gateway to south india essay sample
    Chennai, is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamilnadu and is one of the four metropolitan cities in India. The guests are made to sit on a choir mat rolled out on the floor and the meal is served on a banana leaf which is placed in front >>>
  39. India: a land of festivals and fairs essay sample
    Every day of the year there is a festival celebrated in some part of the country. Because India is still a predominantly rural nation, many of its festivals also welcome the coming of natural phenomena like the seasons of the year, the harvest, the rains, or the full moon.
  40. Analytics companies in india top analytics companies in india essay sample
    Top Analytics Companies in India:In Analytics what we try is make clusters for the people to deccide on their own, These clusters,on analytic companies will help you a lot Branded Analytics Cluster 1 1. ReplyRadhika March 10, 2011 2:15 AM You can add Time Analytics Services, Bangalore to this list.

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  1. Religious sculpture: india and the west essay examples
    Indeed, many of the masterworks of the Renaissance age and beyond focus on religious topics, as those were the chosen subjects that the patrons who could finance the work of sculptors wanted to see rendered. In the modern era, though, there are many patrons who want to see sculpture of >>>
  2. Eli lilly in india: rethinking the joint venture strategy
    The student should write the case assignment from the perspective of the main character in the case whose business issue requires a solution or the perspective of a consultant advising on the next steps for the company. The case-writing tools presented in class, in the text, and delivered on Blackboard >>>
  3. Development of india essay sample
    In the age of Hammurabi between 1792 and 1730 BCE a code of laws was constructed for all to see by witch the standards of Babylon were set. The Jews took a code of laws and expanded on them to form crucial points in their ideology.
  4. Problem of air pollution in india
    The historical backdrop of India begins with the Indus valley development as obvious from the conditions of Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa and Lothal which were prior a piece of the Indian Subcontinent."India is a support of human race, the origin of human discourse, the mother of history, the grandma of legends and >>>
  5. India; vernacular architectures
    The symbolic nature of the garden and the canals at Taj Mahal is considered the sepulchral nature of the memorial and the Quran lettering located on the southern entryway wall of the chief Gate gives undeniable credibleness to the comparing of the Taj Mahal with the Garden of Paradise, this >>>
  6. Modern banking in india
    In the first half of the 19th century, the British East India Company established three banks the Bank of Bengal in 1809, the Bank of Bombay in 1840 and the Bank of Madras in 1843. But in the course of time these three banks were amalgamated to a new bank >>>
  7. Banks of india and bank
    The first bank in India to be given an ISO Certification Canara Bank The first bank in Northern India to get ISO 9002 certification for their selected branches Punjab and Sind Bank The first Indian bank to have been started solely with Indian capital Punjab National Bank The first among >>>
  8. A study among bank employees in india essay sample
    Training effectiveness is measured in terms of trainees' perceived efficiency of the training, perceived usefulness of the training and perceived trainer performance. Key words: perceived efficiency of the training, perceived trainer performance, perceived usefulness of the training, training effectiveness, training evaluation, overall satisfaction of training.
  9. The strategic aspirations of the reserve bank of india
    The history of the RBI is closely aligned with the economic and fiscal history of India. The Preamble of the RBI describes its basic maps like this: ' modulate the issue of Bank Notes and maintaining of militias with a position to secur ing pecuniary stableness in India and by >>>
  10. 3 things india’s startup ecosystem can learn from china
    While a country like China has a unanimous language, Indian companies need to design products that cater to the taste and preferences of various communities within in India. BureaucracyRelaxing tax norms, easing availability of resources for our entrepreneurs and making startup friendly policies should be a priority for the government >>>
  11. Judicial response to environmental issues in india
    Right to a Wholesome Environment Judicial recognition of environmental jurisprudence, in the backdrop of industrialization, reached its peak with the pronouncement of the Supreme Court that right to wholesome environment is a part of Article 21 of the Constitution. In Mehta case I, the court realizing the importance of water >>>
  12. India constitutes 16.6 percent of country’s total
    In 2011 census has done the counting of transgender also and the total population of transgender was 487,803. 3 percent area of the country.
  13. Food crisis in india essay sample
    "Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy" this is a statement which epitomises and defines the importance of agriculture in India. The following statistics drive home the point that various agricultural issues and problems need to be addressed and resolved with utmost care for the betterment and sustainability of the >>>
  14. Pc & politics of poverty in india essay sample
    Recently in a curiously timed press release, the Planning Commission of India, government's official think tank, released the data regarding current poverty levels and present Government's success in bringing it down and with this associated political circus is back in town and tall claims of poverty eradication is being made >>>
  15. The white tiger and urban life in india the white tiger (2008) by aravind adiga essay sample
    Once in the city, Balram's eyes are opened to the reality of life in India and that to make it as anybody in society, you need to grease and bribe many hands. This is clearly seen in the book where many people from the rural areas flock to the city >>>
  16. Disasters: disaster management cycle and major disasters in india in the year 2017
    Disaster is also explained as a "disastrous condition in which the usual pattern of life or ecosystem has been interrupted and extra-ordinary crisis intervention are required to save and preserve lives and or the environmentThe Oxford Dictionary defines disaster as "a sudden accident or a natural catastrophe that causes great >>>
  17. Jandhan-aadhar-mobile (jam) mode of service delivery that adopted in india
    The service delivery of these programmes have the following issues which lead to inefficiencies and leakages:Inclusion ErrorsInclusion of Ineligible BeneficiariesInclusion of Duplicates amongst the Existing BeneficiariesInclusion of Ghost Beneficiaries Diversion to Non-BeneficiariesExclusion ErrorsExclusion of Eligible BeneficiariesLow Quality Goods In order to maximize the value of each rupee spent, and to >>>
  18. Why donate for a girl child in india
    The reason is that these girls or the parents of these girls are unable to raise funds for the marriage of these girls. This is not just a problem but a curse to the life of these girls.
  19. Comparative essay: human geography of india and the world
    This is good and bad, the good of it is that they have enough people to work and take care of the elderly and young. Sine Japan has one of the highest life expectancies there are more people who are not in the workforce than are in the workforce, putting >>>
  20. Literacy and education in india
    Vernacular varies with different communities, and in many cases Indigenous students do not grow up exposed to the conventions of academic English."Most American Indian students are expected to respond to literature and other school materials in ways that have not been modeled to them". Indigenous students are not responsible for >>>
  21. Rudimentary settlements of the jarawas in india
    In October 1997, settlers in the Middle Andaman Island were witnesses to an unfamiliar sight: a group of unarmed Jarawas had ventured out of the forest and into modern settlements on the fringes of the forests. Over time, however, several encroachments were made and the function of the police force >>>
  22. My culture experience in india
    In the centre of the plate is placed a heap of rice, which is refilled as I moved through the meal. Nursing ImplicationsThe experience I had in Amritsar inspired me to consider Leininger's cultural "Culture is the learned and transmitted knowledge about a culture with its values, beliefs, rules of >>>
  23. Tiger conservation in india
    Being the Apex predator and being on top of the food chain, tigers help in keeping in check the balance between the carnivores, the herbivores and the vegetation of an ecosystem, for without them, the population of Herbivores can escalate rapidly and can further degrade the balance between the herbivores >>>
  24. Why no individual is able to bring a gold medal for india in olympics
    It is time, at last, to speak the truth about why no individual is able to bring a gold medal for India in Olympics, and the truth is this. This medium of educating the masses that even sports have a future and an individual can have a valuable career has >>>
  25. The key dimensions that define suburbs in india
    The workers and the troops used to live outside the city gates due to low prices and another example is from historical record, the carved stone relief of the ancient Persian city of Madaktu, dating from the 600s BCE, shows a remarkable distinction between the city itself, with its neatly >>>
  26. Underemployment in india and actions taken to reduce the issue
    In this project, I will be focusing on the meaning of underemployment, the difference between it and unemployment, factors leading to underemployment, and I will conclude with suggestions that can possibly serve as solutions to the problem of underemployment in India. Underemployment is the measurement of employment and the labour >>>
  27. India is not a nation of many states but a state of many nations
    The main constituents of a nation-state include: A shared culture Similar food, clothing, behavior and so forth; a shared history The sharing of a common past; a shared language- The same language spoken by all citizens which is the national language of the country and many other necessities that our >>>
  28. Describe a problem and a puzzle each of public policy in india
    I am envisioning access to clean drinking water in government schools as a problem as the vision as per RTE for any school to provide clean drinking the desired state, but the actual state is very different, many schools are lacking the access of clean drinking watrer. This issue >>>
  29. An overview of the partition of india in 1947
    Although the Hindus acquired India and the Muslims acquired Pakistan as separate countries, the partition aroused political and social complications because of the territorial dispute over Kashmir and the religious bigotry escalation between Hindus and Muslims, however before the British arrived, India was a diverse subcontinent with different cultures and >>>
  30. India's way of having a financially healthy future
    One of the core drivers of the economy happens to be the world of stocks and finance. In the days of the past, the Carnegies and the Rockefellers of the world would dictate certain sectors of the economy.
  31. Canadian sector councils and partnerships with india
    This federal level Program extends support to the network of sector councils with a view to:Increase industry investment in skills development to promote a quality workforceCreate an informed learning system, responsive to the needs of industryReduce barriers to labour mobility to foster a more efficient labour marketEnhance ability of industry >>>
  32. India as a multicultural state
    Now if we were to consider the other statement to be correct which is about the fact that is India to be a nation of many states, then the concept of regional politics ceases to exist. For, individual states are governed more by their rules and considering India as a >>>
  33. Humanizing prison life in india
    According to the Committee most of the prisons are overcrowded and majority of persons lodged in prisons consisted of people belonging to the under privileged sections of the society. Thus, it could be summed up in the words of the Committee of 1980-83 that 'the existing prison organization in the >>>
  34. Tamil - a dravidian dialect of sri lanka and india
    Tamil is a will be a Dravidian dialect dominatingly talked by the Tamil individuals of India and Sri Lanka, and by the Tamil Diaspora, Sri Lankan Moors, Burghers, Douglas, and Chindians. Large minorities talk Tamil in the four other South Indian provinces of Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and >>>
  35. Medical aspects of travel in india biology essay
    It besides depends on the continuance of stay, type of stay, manner of travel, intent of visit and the countries to be visited. TYPES OF TRAVELERSReasons for travel within India by both Indian and foreign visitants are varied and a brief description of of import 1s will assist in understanding >>>
  36. Good example of history of india research paper
    The history encompasses the influence of rainfall in influencing socio-economic lifestyle of the Indians, political system, the colonization, and decolonization of India, the partition of India and the factors that contributed to the partition, as well as the influence of World War 2 in resisting the colonial rule. The political >>>
  37. Example of mahatma gandhi and how he led india to independence essay
    He was born on the 2nd of October in the year 1869, in India. In the year 1930, Mahatma Gandhi led the people of India to protest the salt tax cross the nation.
  38. The british raj in india and how it has affected the country essay samples
    The British Raj led to the rise of the new money-lending class in India. Raj: The Making and Unmaking of British India.
  39. Ill effects of smoking in india
    In a country like India, there are severe problems which dwell Including the severe most "Corruption",add on another, "Smoking", which adds on to the cause of destruction for our country. It has not only one but many adverse effects:Causes air, water and landpollution;Danger to life;Financial crises In a family;Epidemic disorders >>>
  40. Arranging a marriage in india essay sample
    This means you commit yourself to the person you love for a lifetime and like Sita mention you can get to know each other during the marriage and fall in love but this is only a possibility. In other words the bride has no saying in the marriage because they >>>

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  1. Role of womens in india essay sample
    History looks different when the contributions of women are included".~ National Women's History ProjectROLE OF WOMEN IN MODERN INDIA:The status of women in modern India is a sort of a paradox. The women have left the secured domain of their home and are now in the battlefield of life, fully >>>
  2. Social injustice’s of women in india
    What progress has already been made to protect women in India and what still needs to be done to ensure the equal treatment of women in all areas of India? These feats and more have pushed the development of human rights for women in India, but there is still progress >>>
  3. Rural marketing revolution in india assignment
    Information Technology is a strategic tool In the successful deployment of new main purpose of this paper is determination the role of information technology in opportunity to overcome the challenges in the remote areas.1. The development of micro-, small- and medium- enterprises to facilitate the access of the poor to >>>
  4. Maul and white revolution in india
    Maul, which is also a world leader in producing milk products, is soon to begin manufacturing clarified butter and cottage cheese at a New Jersey plant starting from February 2014. Maul has Joined hands with a local plant in order to manufacture milk products in the city.
  5. Vw strategy india
    Marketing Solutions Volkswagen IndiaCase StudyInnovative campaign inspires 2,700 car recommendations in 4 weeks Volkswagen is one of the world's leading automobile manufacturers and the largest carmaker in Europe. Lutz Kothe said, "Volkswagen was the rst company in India to use LinkedIn Recommendation Ads, and the campaign was a success.
  6. Impact of globalization on india and china report example
    The term was initially used to signify the breaking of the Soviet Union and the end of cold war; suggesting the beginning of a new era of global trend. Although, this term basically refers to integrating the foreign investments, capital flows, military presence and the availability of technology; it mayalso >>>
  7. Free annotated bibliography on examining women higher education in india
    The author researches on the way women are graded in the field of higher education in India hence assist this paper on the contents that were done on the nature of how the situation of women education is in India. Prospects of higher education of the challenged women in India.
  8. Supplies on the reservation in india
    An example of outdated supplies on the reservation is when Arnold is still at his school on the reservation and he receives a geometry textbook with his moms name inside of it. An example of setting bad standards in the novel ADOPT is when Arnold is saying that he will >>>
  9. Situation in colonial india
    In the end, even the rent collector was in dire straights because of the landlords. It was a case of usury in the extreme.
  10. An innovative milk vending machine for india’s dairy sector
    The Producer Cooperatives and Supply Chain In India, the supply chain for milk from the dairy farm to the customer has five or six links. From the processing plant the milk is transported to warehouses in different localities inside the city from where it is supplied to the milk dealers >>>
  11. Airlines industry india
    The outcome of the "to be transaction" is determined by the interaction between the provider and the customer. The professionals engaged in the air services bear the responsibility of blending the different components of promotion in such a way that the task of increasing the business is simplified.
  12. Analysis of airline industry in india
    In 1938 Tata airlines was established and after 8 years in 1946 Tata Air Lines converted into a public Company and renamed Air India LimitedIn 1948 Air India International was incorporated and in 1953 Nationalization of Aircraft Industry was established. Bureau of Civil Aviation Security was the regulatory authority for >>>
  13. Air pollution in india assignment
    Followed and biomass burning is the primary reason for near-permanent haze and smoke observed above rural and urban India, and in satellite pictures of the country. India burns tenfold more followed every year than the United States, the followed quality in India is different than the dry firewood of the >>>
  14. India back to more than 5000 years ago.
    Thomas December 18, 2017 India or originally named Bharat, or the Republic of India, is the country that fills the larger part of South Asia. The Indus Valley Civilization laid down the foundation of India and Indian history, the Dravidians came in as the inhabitants of this civilization which was >>>
  15. Prevalence of voice disorders in india nursing essay
    A survey on awareness of vocal hygiene was carried out in professional voice users by Boominathan et al, 2008 in India and the results revealed that the politicians and vendors had the highest point prevalence of voice problems, this is majorly caused due to the lack of awareness in regards >>>
  16. 3g services in india
    Before the long expected 3G auctions, telecom experts advised prospective operators to search for the High-end customers in their existing subscriber base and prepare to them to shift to high speed download with the 3. One of the biggest benefits for operators in India for launching 3G is to provide >>>
  17. Operator in a call centre in india
    Ans: As an operator first thing which I would try and ask politely would be that what is the route cause of the problem of the customer and would try and give time for explaining or removing out the frustration after which the customer would then have patience in listening >>>
  18. Some examples of frugal innovation in india term paper
    IntroductionFrugal Innovation is a distinctive approach of reducing the complexity and limitations of resources, in the form of finance, material and institutional, and turns these to advantages and opportunities to innovation. Only thing is that the Indian government needs to realise the importance of frugal innovation, in a developing country >>>
  19. The reflection of fear and hope problem in the book a passage to india
    The question deals with the emotion of fear and hope and also the roles they play in the novel. Going with the plots of the book, the opening passage of part two has the strongest emotionality and seems to be the climax in the setting.
  20. The meaning of hindu birth ceremony in e.m. forster’s a passage to india
    Forster uses the Hindu Birth ceremony in the final section, Temple that has the purpose of tying together loose ends and reaching conclusions, to create the atmosphere of chaos. This portrayal of the Hindu religion is significant to Godbole's ideas of inclusivity and the implications of it.
  21. Modern worldview and author’s fiction in a passage to india
    The essay will show the reader of the complex and sparse characterization, as well as the interior plot which is exclusive to modern novels. It will also analyze the language used in the excerpt, the tone, the imagery, and symbolism that is expressed by the narrator during the above passage.
  22. A passage to india: culture clash
    She is the most sensitive and reflective of the English characters? Moore, the mosque is a symbol of refuge and peace, a sanctuary.
  23. A passage to india
    The basic message that has been proffered by the author of the book is that the white British and the local Indians should not have made any attempts to interrelate communally outside of the conventional forms because it always ended badly for all concerned. The book presents a depiction of >>>
  24. Economic impact of india's real estate
    In order to understand the positioning of the sector in the coming decade and the likely impact that it will have on the economy and employment, the report arrived at certain broad-based projections for growth and spread of the sector till the year 2025. The annual real estate supply in >>>
  25. Monsoons in india
    Ecologically, the practice of jhum has a deleterious effect on the localenvironment, while others have often thwarted those arguments and proved that jhum in fact is a sustainable form of agricultural production best suited for the specific ecology of the hill regions. India, the seventh largest country in the world >>>
  26. Textile-and-clothing-report india
    The main objectives of the market research are to carry out a detailed market analysis o~ the industry, in order to identify potential opportunities for Italian entrepreneurs interested in the Indian market. Market Characteristics The Textile Industry in India is one of the largest and most important industrial segments of >>>
  27. Problem analysis of india
    There is a great diversity in the people of India. This is 1/9 of the amount in the U.S.A.and the amount in India" The birth rate of India in 1983 was 34 and the death rate was 14.
  28. Industry's review in india
    The rapidly increasing demand for housing for students was seen as a time in which people can make an entry in the market where real estate was on declining stage. This caused increase in demand for housing of students.
  29. Economics overview of brics- market analysis-india
    The defined market that Gogo In will try to reach out to is the airline industry in the country. This new social culture of the internet in the country is bound to work in favor of Gogo In Air Online services.
  30. The ceramic industry in india over the last 100 years business essay
    India ranks 7th in the universe in term of production of ceramic tiles and produced 200 million sq.metres of ceramic tiles, out of a planetary production of 6400 million sq.metres during 2003-04. State-of-the-art ceramic goods are being manufactured in the state and the engineering adopted by the Indian ceramic Industry >>>
  31. Banking industry of india consists of foreign and domestic banks.
    ABSTRACTThe main purpose of this thesis is to measure the market concentration of Indian banking industry after the implementation of the reforms in financial sector and also to measure the financial performance of the top five foreign banks that are operating in India. The first chapter of the dissertation is >>>
  32. Overview of cold chain market in india marketing essay
    The cold chain market in India, which is primarily dominated by the private sector, has got a boost from the government in the last two budgets. One of the most critical constraints in the growth of the food processing industry in India is the lack of integrated cold chain facilities.
  33. Marketing strategy of india
    As given in the case study, now the business of Gaumutra is flourishing in the Indian market and Patanajalibeing the flag bearer of herbal or natural products is earning a lot from it. Product- Patanjali started dealing in all the existing FMCG products and started giving a herbal touch to >>>
  34. Marketing segmentation of tata nano in india and its targeting and positioning strategy.
    Contents Market Segmentation, Positioning, Targeting: A case of Tata Nano in India EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Targeting and positioning strategy of Tata Nano and recommendations for the company are given. DISCUSSION: CRITICISM OF MARKETING SEGMENTATION: When the size of the market is so small to do marketing When a brand is a >>>
  35. Advertisement in india
    At the time of its launch, the biggest fear that McDonald's faced was its rejection on the basis of people's perception that this restaurant offered foreign or typically "American" foods that were quite away from the traditional foods and eating patterns in India. Till then, the marketing efforts of McDonald's >>>
  36. Vodafone’s advertisement campaign in india
    It indicates that vodafone target is completed as it was reached to the public and public aware with the vodafone. It should be remembered that vodafone symbol is different but it used the pet dog in order to get the awareness of the public that hutch phone is turning as >>>
  37. Non alcoholic drinks businesses in india marketing essay
    Perception of event sponsorship the result shows both the managerial level of both the two types of the business who sells alcoholic and non-alcoholic agreed that managerial expertise and a lot of peripheral cost are highly required but alcoholic drink's manager seem to agree at a higher level of agreement. >>>
  38. Good essay about china vs india
    The American film industry has grown massively over past decades and is, therefore, considered to be the cornerstone of the entertainment business in America. For this reason, India is a big market for Hollywood, and the viewership of American movies is on the rise.
  39. Overall costing example of shoe upper production in india
    In shoe upper production line 40- 50 workers are involved and in finished shoe manufacturing another 40-50 workers work in single production line. In this production system, the cutting of leather is mechanized, shoe upper production is partly mechanized and finishing of shoes is relatively more mechanized.
  40. Comparative study of pepsi and coca-cola (india) assignment
    Market Share Brand Name Market Share Market Share Pepsi 47 49 Coca-Cola 57 48 Other Brands 2 3 ' The Coca-Cola Company: The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company, largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups in the world and is one of the >>>

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