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  1. How effective is a fat tax in dealing with obesity
    Research proves that in the last few years, there is a rocketing increase in the number of the Mc Donalds and Pizza Hut stores clearly showing the growing inclination of the people choosing the fatty foods. In summation, fat tax is an effective way of changing people's habits and making >>>
  2. Soft drink market in australia: reasons for and against sugar tax
    Price if the price increases the demand decreases, this is the same for a product. If the government puts this tax in place, it encourages schools and kids to learn about the dangers of over-consuming soft drinks.
  3. The history of international business taxation and the effect of international tax competition
    This essay introduces the history and the development of international business taxation in aspects of tax reform and the changes in corporate income tax briefly, meanwhile, analysis the negative and positive effect of international tax competition. Key Words:history of international business taxation, international tax competitionIntroduction:This essay is aim to present >>>
  4. Estate tax case digests essay sample
    Gifts inter vivos, the transmission of which is not made in contemplation of the donor's death should not be understood as included within the said legal provision for the reason that it would amount to imposing a direct tax on property and not on the transmission thereof, which act does >>>
  5. Charging sales tax on internet purchases
    Charging Sales Tax on Internet Purchases Internet purchases should not have sales tax because internet shopping is supposed to be convenient for the consumer. Sales Tax on the Internet - Free Legal Information - Nolo.2010.
  6. Tax evasion and tax compliance
    Although tax compliance is a major concern for all governments and analytical investigation of tax evasion can be traced as far back as the work, one of the pioneers of 'law and economics', Cesare Beccaria, the problem was long segregated from the main body of economics and left essentially to >>>
  7. Bus 405 tax planning homework
    He is expected to travel extensively in the region but for convenience purposes, he will be sent to and be accommodated in the office of Gateroom Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gateway Corporation in Hong Kong. 2012ThailandTo attend meetings and vacation leave Required: Explain briefly the Hong Kong tax >>>
  8. Resident tax research
    The vacation home section of the Internal Revenue Code states that the vacation home can disallow the deduction for any business travel, unless the travel is used for the business of renting dwelling units. The landlord allocates the vacation to the business and the vacation home use for the personal >>>
  9. Taxation: tax on income (philippines)
    Ordinary and Necessary Trade, Business or Professional Expenses.- In General.- There will be allowed as deduction from gross income all the ordinary and necessary expenses paid or incurred during the taxable year in carrying on or which are directly attributable to, the development, management, operation and/or conduct of the trade, >>>
  10. Uganda’s tax system.
    Tax has not been used as a developmental tool especially in the key Ugandan sectors of agriculture and health. The tax system in Uganda does not fulfill the principle of neutrality.
  11. Singapore withholding tax essay sample
    In accordance with IRAS tax rules, a person has a legal obligation to withhold a percentage of the payment, when he makes payments of a specified nature under the Singapore Income Tax Act, to a non-resident, and hence the Withholding Tax. However, for payments made to non-resident individuals, the Withholding >>>
  12. Tax compliance
    To enhance the collection performance of the Bureau, three basic strategies were initially adopted, and these are: 1) intensify the use of new systems and Tax Reconciliation System; 2) enhance the security of tax payments through the use of electronic broadcasting system and expansion of implementation of the peps; and >>>
  13. Evaluation of indian tax structure in perspectives of dtc and gst and identifying its role in economy.
    Since the resources are inadequate and governments have no choice bit to have to recourse to public debt and deficit financing which is mainly because of colossal unproductive expenditure and indifference to cannon of economy, identifying and evaluating of different elements of DTC and GST need to be done and >>>
  14. Pest analysis by veterinary tax return
    Resident Indonesian companies are required to withhold tax at a rate of 20% from payments to foreign companies." Goods and Services Taxation "A Goods and Services Tax is levied at the rate of approve 10% at point of sale, by major vendors." Individual Income Taxes - Income of a sole >>>
  15. How can tax cuts help revive the economy
    The theory of Keynes state that the government can influence the economy by manipulating the increase or decrease of taxes and at the same time the level of government spending. The Multiplier EffectI think that there is a good question that we can formulate here: If government cut taxes and >>>

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