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  1. Moral development theory
    John's attack attracted a lot of media attention and Ronald, who was in charge of the warders welfare, ordered a raid in the prison cells in search of weapons and in the process some of the inmates were badly injured and some succumbed to their injuries. This is revealed when >>>
  2. Pleasure and pain: aristotle’s theory of moral development
    In this paper, I will use some of the views expressed in Marta Jimenez's paper "Aristotle on 'Steering the Young by Pleasure and Pain'" as well as additional evidence inNicomachean Ethicsto show the ways in which pleasure and pain are necessary but not sufficient to the development of moral virtue. >>>
  3. The great man theory of history as evidenced in ralph waldo emerson’s self-reliance essay
    But most of the later commentators pointed out to some of the misassumptions and flaws in the theory. A man who succumbs to the habits of conformity loses the spontaneity and the open-mindedness that are the hallmarks of a man living to his full potential.
  4. Representing reflections: theory of visual artist
    A closer analysis of the given text shows that the aim of artworks in museums is to reflect cultural values of different groups but the problem is that other minority groups are excluded. The concept of the canon posits to the effect that museums are mainly comprised of the work >>>
  5. The self-care deficit theory by dorothea orem
    It is the nurse's duty to care for the whole patient and not just the symptoms of a patient's illness. Nurses are encouraged to implement strategies to allow the patients to take care of themselves.
  6. Administrative theory 2
    The processing of information is crucial in communication since it determines the speed at which the information reaches the recipients and the comprehension of the information. A state agency requires transformation in the collection and dissemination of information for efficiency purposes.
  7. Free literature review on women gender studies theory of intersectionality
    Addressing the objective of this academic investigation engages in dialogue how the writings of Norma Alarcon, Kimberle' Crenshaw, Judith Butler, and Roderick Ferguson align with the rearticulation of the theory of intersectionality criticizing the liberal notion of identity and subjectivity of women social and political issues. The feminist movement in >>>
  8. The social control theory as the root cause of crime essay
    But if we are to look into the basic, meaning the smallest unit where the criminal came from and spent his childhood, we will be able to see that home and family has the greatest burden in shaping the attitude and discipline of the child. The absence of attention and >>>
  9. Motivational theory and application essay sample
    Another way to ensure the organizational goals are met, is to develop a compensation system that rewards those who contribute to the organization's mission, and achieving the goals of the organization. Managers need to understand the goal-setting theory by involving subordinate's participation, and that those difficult goals will generate a >>>
  10. Theories of first and second language acquisition
    In second language acquisition, knowledge of the first language serves as the basis for learning a second language. Key theoretical points that inform second language acquisition Various theories have been used to study the acquisition of a second language.
  11. Psycholinguistic theories of
    Prior to the time of Chomsky, "little was known about the process of second language acquisition, and thus were grounded in the linguistic, psychological, and pedagogical theories of their day. The purpose of this article is to examine two of these theories: Behaviorism and cognitivism and then show the extent >>>
  12. Compare two theories of first/second language acquisition
    However, contradictory to the behaviourist theory, Chomsky claims that the language is, to some degree, confusing and the provided information is not sufficient for a child to learn the language only by imitating particular words and phrases. However, Chomsky is of the opinion that every child comes to this world >>>
  13. Language acquisition theories
    Palmer and Brooks, states that if the English language learner is unable to understand and translate figurative language this will cause a disruption to their comprehension, which will cause frustrations and may hinder the student from wanting to become a reader of English. Figurative language can help the English language >>>
  14. Theories of how children learn
  15. Theories of the press essay
    The four theories were namely the authoritarian theory, the libertarian theory, social responsibility theory and finally, the soviet totalitarian theory. The state, being the highest ranked structure in the anarchy pyramid, supersedes the individual and makes it possible for the individual to acquire and develop a stable and harmonious mass >>>
  16. The theory of plate tectonics
    Earth then extended via the sea floor, the continental shell broke apart causing the ocean to form in the rifts between the continents. The theory of plate tectonics won as it is the most accurate and does not contain information that is not supported.
  17. International relations theories
    The main feature of the concept is that every other kind of power is tributary with regard to military one and serves its end the degree to which the particular, say, economic power may enhance military capabilities in time of war is crucial to the idea of convertability of the >>>
  18. Example of essay on theories on international relations
    The four common theories of international relation have been used to explain the essence and impact of international relations. The changes in the 21st century have led to a bigger influence by the theories of international relations.
  19. Marxism as a sociological theory essay
    The bourgeoisie is the social class that is associated with the "ownership of the means of production". This is based on the fact that the output of the proletariats was "valued in terms of the labor embodied in them".
  20. Free essay on anthropological theory
    The aim of cultural analysis is to help in gaining the new knowledge and understanding through the analysis of the collected data and collected processes. She was forced by the Brazilian women to become a companheria she could not as she was an anthropologist and her role was to record >>>
  21. Social contract theory of john locke
    The State of NatureThe social contract theory commences with the idea of a state of nature; the central idea that criminal justice systems are not in existence. The State of Nature is a condition of ideal and inclusive autonomy to manage life in the best method one deems necessary, according >>>
  22. A controversial theory of the american dream in an american tragedy and sister carrie
    On his first day of work, he was anxious and concerned that this was not something he was supposed to do, but knew he was on the correct path to achieve the American dream afterwards. Carrie felt that selling her body was the only way for her to gain money >>>
  23. Cicero, aristotle, plato – just war theory
    Plato, Aristotle and Cicero, the fathers of the Just War tradition, develop and enhance the concept of civic virtue and the necessity to uphold such morality during the most chaotic, violent and brutal of times war. Similarly, soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War referred to their enemies as animals, less >>>
  24. Descartes ; hume’s theory on knowledge
    Knowledge is the things that one has taken into itself and made the decision to believe that it is true. So I do not agree with him saying there is no knowledge of things that he has the slightest doubt about.
  25. Free essay about levinasian ethics and social theory
    As he argued later, "with the appearance of the human - and this is my entire philosophy - there is something more important than my life, and that is the life of the other". The summons to responsibility, as he later argued, were necessary to destroying the formulas of generality >>>
  26. The legal theory under restraint of trade
    The legal theory under restraint of trade of common law is that all agreements are prima facie void unless it is shown that the restraint is reasonable in the interests of the parties and of the public. The court held that although the covenant was reasonably necessary for the protection >>>
  27. Introduction to postcolonial theory
    Some 17 years after the appearance of The Wretched of the Earth, Edward Said, born in Jerusalem when it was still part of Palestine and acclaimed scholar and professor of Comparative Literature for some years at Columbia University, under the influence of Fanon's writing produced what some may think of >>>
  28. Reflection on theorists/theories
    Maria Montessori bought us the theory of observation of children to open the door to a way of teaching. It is written "Arnold Gesell was one of the first psychologists to systematically describe children's achievements in terms of physical and psychological development.).
  29. Theories of child development
    We will examine the fundamentals of Piglet's theory and discuss the limitations of his model; we will ask If the more contemporary models provided by both Boycotts and Burner have provided any solutions to those limitations, and how all of this applies to the real world. This idea makes up >>>
  30. Research based theory on teaching
    Is a good teacher based off the knowledge that each student brings out of the classroom, or is it based off how a teacher motivates their students to become what they have inspired to be, inside and outside of a classroom? To know is to modify, to transform the object, >>>
  31. Archetypal critical theory: gift of the magi essay sample
    Henry's, "The Gift of the Magi" shows proof of archetypal literary criticism by portraying the conflict of the story, and showing reference to the Christmas theme of "sacrifice". The archetypal literature criticism specifically relates to "The Gift of the Magi" through the allusions and the specifics of the tale.
  32. Personality theory
    According to the text, Personality: Theory and Research, psychodynamics is defined as the theory and systematic study of the psychological forces that underlie human behavior; the dynamic relations between conscious and unconscious motivation. Disorder of Personality and Validity At the heart of psychological processes, according to Freud, is the ego, >>>
  33. Three theories of cognitive development
    In conservation of length, they concentrate on the fact that, after the transformation, the end of one stick is farther to the right than the end of the other, when in fact each stick is similar in length. Compare and Contrast All of these theories attempt to measure the biological >>>
  34. Psychoanalytic theory essay
    The representation of John Shooter in both the film and the novel represents this unconscious mind in this case Rainey's urge to kill his wife a deed that cannot pass if it is subjected to rationality i.e.the dictates of the conscious mind. The author faces this kind of personality and >>>
  35. Free research paper on an overview of the just war theory
    The phases concern themselves with the conduct before the war, the behavior of the soldiers during the actual confrontation, as well as the ways of both the losers and the victors after the war. The fact that the war had the backing of the United Nations means that the war >>>
  36. How significant was the domino theory essay sample
    The conflict of Vietnam was a battle between North Vietnamese forces and South Vietnamese soldiers, who had the help of the US. The aim of the South Vietnamese forces was to unite the South of Vietnam with the North to form a communist government.
  37. Humanistic theory
    Humanistic theory Humanistic theory is believed to be a behavior based upon the idea that people has the potential to make great contributions to society. Humanistic theory is about the development of a person.
  38. Example of essay on theory of health behavior
    I like the thought of Molgat and the agenda of her plan to keep a track with my genetic, biological issues with tricks and checks. However, I strongly feel that her plan is all about exercise and consider the diet and attitude part of the design to the least.
  39. Applying life course theory to city of god
    The film City of God discerns the progression of individuals and their life choices based on the history of their lives. Part 1 Life course theory was pioneered in the 1920s in the works of Thomas' and Znaniecki's "The Polish Peasant in Europe and America".
  40. Essay on attachment theory given by john bowlby
    However, my secure attachment with my peers changed due to a series of events occurred in my adolescent and university life. Due to my secure attachment in early childhood I developed sense of self and others as positive.

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  1. Informative essay on motivational theories
    These papers are going to describe and compare these 3 theories and find the best theory to provide a good platform for employee motivation in a hospitalityenvironment. In Theory X the management implication for workers is that to achieve organizational objectives the management needs to impose a system of management >>>
  2. Career development theories essay sample
    Put another way, career development is the process through which people come to understand them as they relate to the world of work and their role in it. The influences on and outcomes of career development are one aspect of socialization as part of a broader process of human development.
  3. The expectancy theory of motivation
    The final relationship that is related to the expectancy theory of motivation concerns the correlation between rewards and personal goals. Some of the other employees do not want to do the job, they can meet the production goals but they have decided that it is not important enough to do >>>
  4. Exploring of mcclelland's human motivation theory
    In this article, we are going to explore McClelland's Human Motivation Theory, or look at or you do makes use of that to manage then lead thy team extra effectively. People along a private limit force need according to control others, while people together with an institutional rule power like >>>
  5. Motivation theory
    Lita de Alberdi ERG Theory 1) This is similar to the Maslow's needs hierarchy, which describes the needs as a hierarchy It is proposed by Clayton Alderfer The letters of ERG stand for three levels of needs: Existence, Relatedness and Growth Unlike Maslow's hierarchy, the ERG theory allows for different >>>
  6. Psy 230 motivating theories
    Henry Murray suggested that humans live in past experiences and expectations of the future to achieve needs and desires. This view suggests that, " The psychoanalytic view of human motivation suggests that behavior is ultimately determined by unconscious sexual and aggressive drives and by the complex intrapsychic conflicts that arise >>>
  7. Motivation theories comparison
    The theory in which I agree the most with is the Goal Orientation Perspective. What the individuals drives for and what they want to put into it.
  8. Theory of sensory analysis
    It attempts to isolate the sensory properties of food products themselves and provide important and useful information to the product developers and food scientists about the sensory characteristics of their products. Proper analysis of the data recorded after testing is a critical part of sensory analysis.
  9. Theories of motivation essay sample
    In neither case does the individual work on the task because there is some reward involved, such as a prize, a payment, or in the case of students, a grade. In the case of a student, the reward would be a good grade on an assignment or in the class.
  10. Expectancy theory of motivation at use in the workplace
    The perception of that individual is that the effort that they put forward will actually result in the accomplishment of the preferred performance. Employees want to believe they will be rewarded for their effort and the amount of effort they are willing to put in is based on their belief >>>
  11. Theories of varied motivation in psychology
    In psychological studies the implicit motivations determining human behavior are not only considered from point of view of biological drives and neurological impetus but they are also explained by relational aspect of human behavior where motivation is a dynamic aspect of the behavior that helps people to interact with the >>>
  12. Goal theory of motivation essay sample
    Goal Theory of Motivation:Explanation, Relevant Research, and Implications for Student Motivation in Engagement and Related Aspects for Achievement in Learning Activities within Educational ContextsGoal theory of motivation states that the goals that are set by the learner whether innately or with the influence of the teacher are key factors in >>>
  13. Classics of organization theory essay sample
    In the essay "The Giving of Orders" published in 1926, Mary Parker Follett argues that both the employer and the employee should study the situation and discover the law of the situation. The attitude of the employee, previous behavior, the education and training, the circumstances and environment of the work >>>
  14. Transformative learning theory and multiple intelligences
    Transformative Learning Theory And Multiple Intelligences Stella Jackson Transformative Learning Theory And Multiple Intelligences This writer reflection paper is about transformative learning theory and multiple intelligences. Cooper and Wallace stated that "transformational learning was reviewed in four areas: theories of transformational learning, roles of participants in transformative programs, including students >>>
  15. Research paper on multiple intelligence theory
    Hence, he proposes eight distinct intelligences that can be used to access a child's knowledge and arrive to a conclusion on a child's level of potential, for instance in history. According to Gardner's intelligences, five of which have been discussed as below, access to a child's knowledge in history and >>>
  16. Vygotsky’s cognitive development theory
    In accordance with locating the external aspects of the major element of human development, he highlighted the way in which children's frameworks of understanding and achievement are learned from the adults or other partners. The models need to reflect a learner's developmental stages, and continually adjust the level of the >>>
  17. Theories of intelligence research paper examples
    Both General intelligence and the Multiple intelligence theories emphasize on the existence of different forms of intelligence, with the former only identifying two forms of intelligence, which can however be redefined to include all the eight plus two different intelligences identified under Gardner's theory. As evidenced by Gardner's multiple intelligences >>>
  18. Gardner's multiple intelligence theory
    Gardner's definition of intelligence is a person's ability to create a product or offer a service that is valued in a culture. Logical-mathematical intelligence is the ability to understand the principles of a system, similar to how a scientist functions, or the ability to work with numbers like a mathematician.
  19. Compare and contrast the social responsibility theory with the athoritarian theory of the press
    The purpose of this research is to compare, that is to put side by side and to contrast, and that is state the difference between the Authoritarian theory with the social responsibility theory of the press. There is not much of a hint of comparison between the Authoritarian theory and >>>
  20. Example of nursing concept comparison and analysis across theories research paper
    Janet Hickman's An Introduction to Nursing theory posits that 'as new knowledge and discoveries emerge the cutting edge of the art and science of the discipline of nursing evolves'. Cutting edge of the art appears to be the clarifying/ qualifying health and nursing metaparadigm incumbent in this concept.
  21. Essay on articles about the theory in landscape architecture
    Thomas Mitchell, the author of the article 'landscape and power' was born in 1942. He is a Marxist based in the United States of America and a theorist who mostly majored on urban issues.
  22. Social constructivism theory applied to the european union research paper example
    The initial point of social constructivism into the international relations was through a clarification of epistemology and ontology of the earlier schools of thoughts. The interest of social constructivists is to develop an understanding of how people come together to have a common value and identity through various means such >>>
  23. Theory of nullification essay
    In its ideology it stated that the states in the union of United States of America had the right to reject any laws passed by the federal government that any state deemed as unconstitutional. The origin of the differing in opinion between the vice president and the president arose from >>>
  24. Amendment theories essay example
    The reason stands that this theory is considered a positive theory by many Positivist Theorists, and it is important because it professes freedom of speech that is a basic right of everyone living in the United States of America. An important aspect of this point in the theory is not >>>
  25. My disagreement with richard taylors’ libertarianism argument & theory
    When I will to speak, my lips and tongue move, unobstructed and unconstrained, in a manner suitable to the formation of the words I choose to utter. Now given that this is a correct description of my behavior, namely, that it consists of the unconstrained and unimpeded motions of my >>>
  26. Example of constituents of a theory of the media article review
    According to Enzensberger base is used to mean the traditional framework that the establishment of the media is based. This means that the politics of a given nation determines the level of freedom extended to the media in any given territory.
  27. Theory of empire
    The ideas and morals that were all alike for the emperors was the God or gods they worshipped, the armies they were in charge of, and the people they ruled. They loved Rome and wanted to be considered great in the eyes of their people.
  28. Approaches to the refugee crisis in relation to ethical theory
    In order to holistically evaluate the approaches taken towards the refugee crisis, we have chosen to look at the issue through three different ethical theories: Rights-based ethical theory, Ethical egoism and Utilitarianism. Following the idea of rights-based ethical theory, the only ethical approach to the refugee crisis would be to >>>
  29. Farmingville and application of social work theories movie review sample
    The film in centered in the community of Farmingville, which lies in the middle of New York and the Hamptons. To those who work in the anti-immigration department, this documentary film may seem as if it is a propaganda about immigrants, especially since the film shows the immigrants as funny, >>>
  30. Free literature review on classic organization theory
    McWilliams and Siegel in Corporate Responsibility: A Theory of the Firm Perspective, attempts to outline the factors that determine the social responsibility scale of businesses. J, & Jang, Y.S.
  31. Free essay on military theory
    In general, a military theory is a thorough anslysis of each element of war, including the structure and patterns, as well as the connections among all of the various elements. There are different types of military theories, ranging from those that deal with war in general from those that deal >>>
  32. Human growth and development theories essay sample
    According to Freud's Psychosexual Development theory has five stages of development; the first stage is called Oral, which occurs from birth to 1 and half years of age and the mouth is the center of exploration because it is where the most senses of pleasure for the infant derives from. >>>
  33. Essay on theories of emotion
    This theory states that emotional stimuli excite both the expression of emotion in the body and the feeling of emotion in the brain. In other words, this theory suggests that emotional expression and emotional experience are parallel processes, that is, neither causes the other.
  34. Causes and theories of inflation
    While the quantity theory refers to the quantity equation of money that is connected to the money supply, the velocity and the nominal value of exchanges. The Keynesian view of inflation causes, states that the changes in the money supply do not affect the prices, and that inflation is the >>>
  35. A critical appraisal of the motivational theories x, y and z essay
    McGregor professes that throughout the world of business either of the two theories are applied by the management to get the work done from the employees. An important aspect of Theory X and Y is that they are only the assumptions.
  36. Cloud computing. danger theory based load balancing algorithm
    Load balancing is a method of reassigning the total load to the entity nodes of the collective system to create resource utilization useful and to improve the response time of the job, concurrently eliminating a condition in which some of the nodes are over loaded while some others are under >>>
  37. Democracy and religion: modern theories essay
    The law reigns supreme, and it is considered to be the final judge if one of the citizens contravenes the rule of law. It is seen to lie in the teachings of a given religion.
  38. Overview of robert dahl’s theory of democracy
    The substantive view "classifies political regimes in terms of the outcomes that they produce" while the procedural or minimalist view "classifies political regimes in terms of their institutions or procedures". This is similar to Dahl's concept of contestation because it requires a political and electoral competitiveness and the presence of >>>
  39. Control theory and honors level course essay
    How is the concept of homeostasis related to aging and disease? They would need to know anatomy and physiology because they need to know how the body works.
  40. Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory and job satisfaction in the malaysian retail sector
    The effort and contribution of employees is a key competitive advantage and is crucial to the success of the firm. The differences are due to the intensity of the labour requirement and the duration of employment.

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  1. The concept of agency theory recognizes there are fundamental differences accounting essay
    Jensen and William Meckling shaped the work of Berle and Means in the context of the risk-sharing research popular in the 1960s and '70s to develop bureau theory as a formal construct. Jensen and Meckling formed a school of idea reasoning that corporations are structured to minimise the costs of >>>
  2. Corporate’s social responsibility accounting beetween theory and reality
    The primary purpose in writing this paper is to investigate problems and prospects concerning Corporate Social Responsibility, and discuss: Business Interaction with Society, Accountability and Transparency, Environmental Issues and Financial Statements, Financial Markets and Social or Environmental Disclosure, Accounting, the Environment and Sustainability, Environmental issues and Auditing, Social and Environmental >>>
  3. Fudged accounting theory
    The results of the present study support fudged accounting theory by providing evidence that there is a relationship between the widespread capitalization of goodwill/brands and the relationship with leverage. Keywords: Leverage, Fudged Accounting, Intangible Assets, Brands/Goodwill,Food/Drink/Media Industries, International AccountingIntroduction The importance of Fudged Accounting Theory in understanding the accounting treatment >>>
  4. Accounting theory narrative essay
    In this regard it is important to note that financial statements are not prepared for the benefit of management and/or the company, but rather to ensure the transparentcommunicationby management to shareholders and otherfinancial statementusers regarding the activities and transactions of the corporation. In this context, it is important that all >>>
  5. Ethical dilemmas in social work and theories essay sample
    It will be illustrated that codes of practice and codes of ethics are of paramount importance when dealing with these dilemmas as they are ones that guide social workers as to how they should try and solve these dilemmas. Social workers have a duty to follow the GSCC codes of >>>
  6. Virtue theory in utilitarianism ethics
    Even though consequence is not always the primary focus of the action, it is expected in all three theories that the consequence should have a beneficial result as an outcome of the action. In committing the action of helping the person, an individual is acting on a moral or ethical >>>
  7. Kant’s theory is often called cold and unemotional
    Just as the law of gravity is universal, Kant believed so should the 'law' of ethics. To Kant, doing the right moral action is a categorical imperative.
  8. Free essay about ethical theories of aristotle and immanuel kant
    While both on the pursuit of happiness, Aristotle and Immanuel Kant hold different ethical theories, where the former looks to a domestication of man in order to achieve the soul's optimization in accordance to a cosmic order, while the latter seeks to establish the rational, intentional and autonomous adherence and >>>
  9. Good essay about theories
    She wants to know what theoretical and practical lessons can be leant from the case, and applied to her situationUtilitarianAccording to the Utilitarianism's principle of utility, our actions should be directed towards a greater good of the society. It is natural for the Board to be anxious about the delay >>>
  10. Normative ethical theories
    Social contract theory Ethical Egoism Based on the belief that people should act in a way that maximises the 'good' of the person making the decision. Examples: Sending thousands of soldiers to their deaths in a battle would be ethical behaviour if it improved the general's reputation, The dismissal of >>>
  11. Ethical theories essay example
    Ethical and social issues in the information age. Four Ethical Issues of the Information Age.
  12. Deontological theory of ethics essay sample
    A notable point is that, Kant took an absolute approach to morality and dismissed the idea of choices or consequences to solve a moral dilemma. The idea of a universal is a valid feature as Kant believes that for rules to be universally binding on all men, they must be >>>
  13. Article 1. jones and wicks (1999): convergent stakeholder theory
    The theory is concerned with the nature and of these relationships in terms of both processes and outcomes for the firm and its stakeholders.3. For advocates of narrative interpretation, the challenge of a stakeholder theory is not to develop a single stakeholder theory but to develop and evaluate a broad >>>
  14. Good research paper on theories of motivation
    In the aim of this dissertation is to discuss three theories of motivation; achievement, power and affiliation theory, expectancy theory and equity theory within the framework of criminal justice. The level of motivation is the outcome of a person's expectancy that a particular effort will result to the envisioned performance.
  15. Goal setting theory and expectancy theory: comparison and contrast
    The expectancy theory is based on the principle that an individual will act in a certain way on the expectation that the act will be followed by a given outcome and on the attractiveness of that outcome to the individual. Expectancy is the last part of this theory and it >>>
  16. The motivational theory of daniel pink in his book drive: the truth about what motivates us
    0 helps the workers who work in factories they can work without any thinking it is just a routine you can just turn on the machine and the machine start to work, and the workers do not use their mind they just use their muscles. This is a reminder to >>>
  17. Compare two theories of learning education essay
    Operant Conditioning Theory is relevant to kids of this age group due to the fact that the cardinal construct of this theory is reward and penalty. First of all the strengths of utilizing this theory in my arrangement are that if a kid is acting good in the schoolroom, other >>>
  18. Position paper: a study of international political economy theories
    The characterization of the current state of the international political economy is open to vigorous debate, evolving over time as global political/economic influence shifts with changes in world leadership, shifting alliances, advances in technology and the growth of multinational corporations. Through the creation of the International Monetary Fund, The World >>>
  19. Theories of the emergence of humans and animals in ‘your inner fish’ by neil shubin
    While this may be due to the fact that the title is "Your Inner Fish" which specifically references human and fish interrelations, the constant comparison is made to stress the main theme of the commonality of all creatures on the earth. It is because of this belief that Shubin scrupulously >>>
  20. Pizza store layout simulation: apply the learning curve theory
    In the pizzeria scenario presented requires a full understanding of the cause and effect of decisions made and making adjustments to minimize the amount of time to complete the entire process and also minimizing the amount of potential customers from leaving. Applying the learning curve theorem By turning four of >>>
  21. Theories of listening comprehension
    This change potentially affects entirely our dealing with language as of importantly apprehended beliefs concerning the function and scope of linguistics theorizing, to the function of cognitive factors and psychological processes in popular, from an assessment of the individual' connection to society and culture, to consideration of the association to >>>
  22. Social learning theory
    The behavior in which children learn is typically gender-related meaning that they will act based on their gender for example, girls will learn how to act in a feminine way and boys will learn how to act in a masculine way. Once again parents encourage children to participate in the >>>
  23. Second language acquisition and learning theories education essay
    He developed a theory of first linguistic communication acquisition that suggests that linguistic communication acquisition is an unconditioned capacity - that kids are programmed to get linguistic communication thanks to their in-built cognition of a Universal Grammar. While these theories of 2nd linguistic communication larning provide penetrations on facets of >>>
  24. Olson’s theory "the logic of collective action"
    Considering Olson's collective action theory in which individuals will not act to benefit their group because of self-interests, a policymaker seeking to reduce carbon emissions would be best able to achieve this goal through the implementation of selective incentives, the spreading of information and propagation of social norms to influence >>>
  25. Economic theory of statistical discrimination
    Human Resource Management al Affiliation September 26, According to Aigner and Cain, the statistical discrimination theory is a theory of inequality between different groups that do not arise from prejudice or racial and gender bias but from the stereotyping of the demographic group. For instance if the employers in a >>>
  26. How social theories can be used to resolve conflict
    This is because, according to Marx, society is not actually built upon a foundation of mutual interest and compromise; rather, out of the fact that due to the limitedness of resources, there is a dominating class which basically controls the lower class. This results in numerous conflicts as the lower >>>
  27. Postpartum motivation concept theory course work sample
    The Cognitive dissonance theory which in a way seeks to self motivate an individual to a position whereby they can calm own amidst personal conflicting Ideas or attitudes can apply in one scenario and totally fail to address the needs of an individual when used. They cannot be assisted by >>>
  28. Free creative writing on psychoanalytic and archetypal literary theory
    It can be said of Sheldon Cooper that he has trouble overcoming his anal stage hence his obsession with cleanliness and perfection at what he does. According to this theory, Sheldon can be said to be intellectualizing because of the pressure he received from his mother.
  29. Free camine con nosotros: connecting theory and practice for promoting physical activity literature review example
    Summary:- The research observes that caregivers who work with the Hispanic communities experience additional challenges that often deter them from applying theories when planning healthcare strategies.- Some of the challenges faced by these physicians include the diverse nature of the Hispanic population, inaccessibility of reliable data, and factors linked to >>>
  30. Sigmund freud’s "three essays on the theory of sexuality” essay sample
    Sigmund Freud's "Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality", written in 1905, attempted to trace the course of the development of the sexual instinct in human beings from infancy to maturity. He then states that the libido is invariably and necessarily of a masculine nature regardless of the sex in >>>
  31. Genre theory film essay sample
    Genres are making a knowing statement about Hollywood and the importance of history and the state in 1950s and shows pros and cons of Hollywood throughout. Genre Analysis is located in the text within the text and social context, emphasizing the social nature of production and to read the text.
  32. Kuhn theory of scientific revolution
    This idea of science argues that gradual evolving of the field will occur as elements are found to misalign in the core assumptions of a paradigm and allow for the development of new ideas. The major pay off of this is that we can then identify when other samples are >>>
  33. Industrial revolution & management theory
    Fredrick Winslow Taylor made a major contribution to the development of managerial theory and practice in the twentieth Taylor believed passionately in the need to reform managerial authority: to base it on competence rather than the power to hire and fire. In this days organisations dominate our lives, where they >>>
  34. Example of essay on theories of writing for the media
    At the end of the poem, after a careful comparison of both the black and white history, he is able to hit on the meaning of the title. To begin with Agard's poem, he is synonymous with the native intellectuals according to the book 'The Wretched of the Earth' and >>>
  35. Game theory in the movie the princess bride essays example
    The referred approach is regarded as game theory, which is successfully incorporated in the plot of 'the Princess Bride' to stir the mind of the reader. These could best be illustrated with the support of the table drafted below; Vizzini, the wit is not aware of the placement of poison >>>
  36. Measuring success in theory-based interventions essay
    For the side of the respondents, their progress on the program will be based on the regular monitoring reports of clinical staff that handles the respondents and relevant documentation of the respondents' progress. In the information obtained at the Dona Ana County, it is important to take also into consideration >>>
  37. Theory critique essay
    Freud developed the theory of the complexity of the human mind, of which, the investigation of the human mind is covered by the field of human psychology, He purported the concepts of consciousness and unconsciousness, the sexuality of individuals from infanthood to adulthood, repression. Freud even proposed an account of >>>
  38. Example of research paper on theory to practice: speaking difficulties of international students
    The study establishes the close association that exists between the evaluation of the environment, the teachers' appraisal of the group and the students' evaluation of their own learner group. The objectives of the study are to find out whether there is a difference in the learners' motivation and the learners' >>>
  39. Constructivism theory essay example
    This is because the major demand of students in the career and technical education classes is to apply the current job skills together with critical thinking skills in order to solve problems in the society. Remarkably, constructivism theory is always referred to as the learning theory because it compels students >>>
  40. Example of research paper on control theory
    The findings are in line with the claim of control theory citing that parental attachments and bonding lower the possibilities of delinquency. Social control theory increasingly points at the fact that the various roles of parents are crucial to the young people in bonding with the family.
  41. Argumentative essay on theories of people becoming criminals
    One such discussion point for the former is the impact of problems in the family environment as being the cause of offender behaviour in childhood, adolescence and beyond into adulthood. Clearly, the links between problems in childhood and the family and criminality are there, suggesting that the crux of the >>>
  42. Family systems theory essay examples
    Amy Madden is the central character of the book, taken from the author's own experiences; over the course of her childhood and early adulthood, she is exposed to a tremendous amount of sexual, emotional and physical abuse on the part of her stepfather Ed, her husband Tom, and others to >>>
  43. The place of anonymity in theories of crowd behaviour essay sample
    Deindividuation, is criticised by the Social Identity Theories for ignoring the social, cultural and individuality of the self, suggesting that people act as individuals within a crowd and are brought together with a common social identity, different identities bring with them different norms of social conduct. Deiner's and Prentice-Dunn and >>>
  44. Resource theory and family violence
    In the case of the family, violence can be directed to the wife by the husband or by the parents to the children. They will use violence or physical force to compensate for what the lack of resources that they feel.
  45. Kohlberg’s theory of morality essay sample
    A) Kohlberg's theory of morality argues that moral development is guided by cognitive needs and a wish to understand the reality of the world, in which there is a strong compulsion to conform. This theory can be compared to Kohlberg's since they both accept that we learn what is appropriate >>>
  46. Compare and contrast piaget's and kohlberg theories of moral develpment. which seems more relevent to the study of adolesecnts why
    Moral education and moral development is becoming a of interest and importance in then field of psychology and education. The importance is on the wrong act itself and the consequences, and not on the intentions of the doer.
  47. Product liability theories of recovery and defenses
    Product Liability Theories of Recovery and Defense In my opinion Wood would most likely win the law suit against either the peanut or the jar manufacturer on the basis of strict liability or negligence, which allows a person injured by an unreasonably dangerous product to recover damages from the manufacturer >>>
  48. Ethical egoism as moral theory
    Thesis: Without a distinct framework, ethical egoism fails as a moral theory to assist moral decision making because it endorses the animalistic nature of humanity, fails to provide a viable solution to a conflict of interest, and is proved to be an evolutionary unstable moral strategy. Without a distinct framework, >>>
  49. A lawyers dilemma using natural law and utilitarianism moral theories
    According to natural law, as defined in encyclopedia Britannica online, humans have the right to make moral judgments, and this is the true law; not the arbitrary power of the state. Thus, in total, it becomes evident that their action was in total contradiction with the natural law, but was, >>>
  50. Group exercise: using attribution theory to resolve performance problems instructions
    To what extent was each of the following a cause of Payal's performance: a. Work with Payal to help her do the job better f.
  51. Good example of essay on theory of reasoning
    Self efficacy can be seen in the resolve of an individual to stick to a diet or a workout regimen. However, by applying the theory of reasoning, when such actions are encapsulated in a social context, the self efficacy of the group can be increased through social persuasion, thereby enhancing >>>
  52. Ancient and medieval political theory
    ANCIENT AND MEDIEVAL POLITICAL THEORY: A CRITICAL ANALYSIS Unit Mixed Government In the entire Book VI of the 40 volume book of Histories by Polybius, the topic is centered on the concept of the government, and in particular the role of the constitution within the Roman political system. The book >>>
  53. The difference in rawls and nozick is fundamentally a difference in what it means to be an indiviudal. what is that difference and how does that difference impact their theories
    Rawls and Nozick Theories on the meaning of Individual The primary difference between Nozick and Rawls is the legitimacyof the social power of individuals. Rawls' theory of justice should be based on the reality that the successful individuals in the society have an upper hand on the less disadvantaged in >>>
  54. Criminological theory: context and consequences
    Hence, the basis of his theory is that people get distressed and indulge into crime due to mistreatment. Strain theories explain the idea that people engage in crime because of inadequate treatment and to retaliate to circumstances they cannot handle.
  55. Ethical theory of abortion
    This paper will provide the analysis of the issue of abortion through the eyes of a character based ethicist, namely a person who is a strong proponent of the sub-type that is identified as Virtue Ethics. In addition to that, Virtue Ethics might also pay attention to the status of >>>
  56. Free theory and practice of online learning critical thinking sample
    With the progression in engineering, the notoriety of distance learning expanded to an extensive degree and in 2008, few taking in projects were begun in the United States of America in the forty four states. The principal college to offer distance learning in the United Kingdom was the University of >>>
  57. The theory and testing of the reconceptualization of general and specific deterrence
    The Theory and Testing of the Reconceptualization of General and Specific Deterrence In the May 1993 issue of the Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, the introduction of the reconceptualized deterrence theory was presented, explaining that general and specific deterrence are both functions of crime. Stafford and Warr's reconceptualization >>>
  58. Theories and techniques of crime control
    I will use changes in the political landscape from the Conservative era of the 1980s to the New Labour era of the late 1990s to highlight the differences in methods of crime control and criminal justice policy. Both emphasise the need for closely monitored research and intervention and are critical >>>
  59. Free research paper on ration choice theory
    The main purpose of this essay is to provide a coherent overview of Rational Choice theory and how its status has evolved and extended to include other perspectives such as, situational crime prevention, deterrence and routine activity theory. The central point of the rational choice model in economic analysis suggests >>>
  60. Social learning theory in criminology thesis sample
    The presence of strict and severe punitive measures has to a significantly helped in the deterrence of criminal activities in the society. The social learning theory is traceable to the works of Edwin Sutherland who in the 1940's forwarded the theory of "Differential Association" where he argued that criminal behavior >>>
  61. The utilitarian theory of punishment
    All of the questions about the justification of punishment will be answered by appeal to the utility of the consequences of an action.A. The Utilitarian Theory of Punishment page 2 b) Rationale: The goal of ensuring that people are not the sort of people who desire to commit crimes would >>>
  62. Heart of darkness in the light of psychoanalytic theories
    One of the unconscious desires Freud believed that all human beings supposedly suppress is the childhood desire to displace the parent of the same sex and to take his or her place in the affections of the parent of the opposite sex. The purpose of a work of art is >>>
  63. Narratology: gerard ganette theory and cassandra novel critical thinking examples
    According to a preface of Gerard Ganette to the work of Kate Hamburger, with the title 'The Logic of Literature' that was published in the year 1986 in France,"Fiction is not connected with narrative since one cannot study fictional narrative as narrative and asfiction at the same time: the definition >>>
  64. Question in theory of computation
    Unit Question in Theory of Computation In the given assignment, to demonstrate that VERTEX_COVER is in NP, we initially determine if the given graph has Vertex Cover of K nodes. The proof that the set C is a vertex cover can be achieved in polynomial time.
  65. Is theories, are they emerged in is disciplines or adopted from other disciplines
    Information System Theories By Impact of Information Systems Being a discipline concerned with the interaction of people, organizations and information systems, information systems strives to enhance organizational goals. Various theories within the information systems discipline have contributed to the development of application systems.
  66. Kants theory and the canon in art essay examples
    They set the example of what makes a beautiful art for everybody else to follow without really setting the rules of how it can be achieved because beauty is just as inherent as being a Genius. As such, Kant's theory in relation to the canon in art is not objective >>>
  67. Feminist theories in history of art
    She was excited about her machine drawings and reliefs and she looked at them as "real nonsense" in this can be viewed as the same nonsense that was at the middle of the canonical separation of the mediums that are used in drawing, painting and the making of sculptures and >>>
  68. Do you think david hockney's research and theory on the use of technology by the artists of the renaissance period is important for artists today
    Do you think David Hockneys research and theory on the use of technology by the Artist of the Renaissance period is important for artists today? Hockney hatred of excellence in the arts and the lengths they will go to fallaciously pretend that great art cant in fact exist.
  69. Charles darwin and the theory of evolution
    Charles Darwin's research lead to the now widely accepted scientific theory about natural selection in the process of evolution. He began working on an early theory of evolution the change in inherited traits in a population of organisms which is passed from one generation to the next.
  70. Theorizing the evolutionary theory and its influence on particular characteristic traits
    Survival of the fittest embodies the idea that the more viable a trait the better chance an organism has of surviving and producing off-springs that carry on those traits. However in regards to survival of the fittest, closely related to evolution, do some people view a "nicer" approach to others >>>
  71. Theory of mind
    This adaptation would provide the next generation of humans with the ability to imagine and therefore possessing a quality of Theory of Mind. This would allow me to seek a subject which is not known in depth by any of the participants which will give clearer results.
  72. Discovery of cells and the development of cell theory
    The antibodies in the immune system are well-known proteins, and they are also the chief constituents of hemoglobin, which does the work of carrying oxygen to all parts of the body. He also made many invaluable examinations on the structure of plants and animals and is renowned for his studies >>>
  73. Sequester and spending cuts theory
    Instead of pushing forward and attempting to come to a compromise the parties have decided to engage in a full scale blame war; It can be said however that compromise is not needed since the sequester itself is the result of a compromise made months ago in which one side >>>
  74. Example of film theory: an introduction essay
    The director shows the heroics of the characters in the rescue of the hostages but the exaggeration reveals the political gaps in both the Iranian government and the American government. The claims made in the film lead to another point of political criticism.
  75. Joseph this extensive theory is distributed and best
    Jung believed that the human psyche was composed of three components, consisting of the ego, the personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious. The ego is formed as it were the center of the field of consciousness; and, in so far as this comprises the empirical personality.
  76. Heaven's gate and the branch davidians in understanding stanley milgram's theories
    He convinced 39 people that he was dying of cancer and he persuaded them that if they followed him to death, a spaceship in the tail of the comet Hale-Bop would come and take them to the New World. The teacher was asked to read a list of word pairs >>>
  77. Manchurian candidate – film theory paper
    This paper would examine how the groundbreaking use of cinematography, editing help to bring across the theme of surrealism, and delivers a thrilling effect while the motifs help bridge the Theme of The Manchurian Candidate with the use of visual elements. According to the Dictionary, the term "surrealism" refers to >>>
  78. Eng 225: explain why the auteurist theory has become so important to film analysis.
    The auteur theory, when applied to directing a film, infers that the director is indeed the author of the film, imprinting it with his personal vision. The auteur theory has become important to film analysis because it gives critics a specific guideline to judge a film.
  79. Uses and gratifications theory applied to religious television essay
    Some of these viewers may also be listening to see if their values, beliefs, understanding of the bible, or morals are the same as the people they like to watch on these programs. The instrumental viewers are the people looking for information and answers to their questions.
  80. Aspiration and the theory of rise and fall as depicted in goodfellas
    He goes on to state that after getting a job with the cab stand owned by Paul Cicero, the Don of the family, that he was the luckiest kid in the world. He claims that he is an average nobody, getting to live the rest of his life as a >>>
  81. Film theory essay samples
    A major turning point in film studies occurred in the 1960s, at the onset of the movement known as structuralism: a way to analyse the structures of logic and language of cultural products and practices. These pathways to understanding the world and meanings in a new ways is rooted in >>>
  82. Sister callista roy’s adaptation theory essay sample
    The ability of a person to adapt to internal and external stimuli and the effects of the following three classes of stimuli: focal, contextual and residual. It is a reflection of adaptation, that is, the interaction of the person and the environment".
  83. Aging theories
    Aging is a state of mind when individuals become nostalgic of their past, become less economically productive and disengaged from the active societal activities. Hopelessness and desperation results in the survival battle for at old age due to the inescapability of death.
  84. Application: systems theory
    The maximization of value of health insurance services is dependent on how the customer queries are relayed to the management and how the management responds to them. The level of communication, competence of staff and the management of this department have been consistently called to question.
  85. Fawcett theory essay examples
    As regards to the evaluation steps, we have those steps as; Step 1: Explication of Origins, Step 2: Comprehensiveness of content, Step 3: logicalCongruence, Step 4: Generation of theory, Step 5: Credibility of the Nursing model, and Step 6: Contributions of the Discipline of Nursing. Analysis Step 1: Origin of >>>
  86. Applying theory to a practice problem in nursing
    Handling of patients is one of the greatest duties and requires enough preparation in training and learning so that loss of life is minimized. This is one of the problems that is much debated about in the healthcare sector and touches on the level of incompetency in nurses.
  87. Theory, , and evidence-based practice
    The health benefit model The health benefit model The success of any training and educational research on health care depends on the wise utilization of conceptualized models. The HBM aids in the understanding of the behavior of patients to adopt a specific health related behavior individually.
  88. Develop a brief for the importance or significance of nursing theory in the profession of nursing.use a specific nursing theory to illustrate your points
    Importance of Nursing Theory in Nursing Profession If at all possible, a nursing theory should offer the principles that strengthen the practice. By offering nurses with a sense of identity, nursing theory helps patients, managers and other health care practitioners to identify the exceptional contribution of nurses in health care.
  89. Peplau interpersonal relation theory essay sample
    Peplau's theory emphasized the role of two actors in the promotion of the health of a patient, namely the patient himself, and the nurse taking care of him. The concept of interpersonal pattern in Peplau's Theory of Nursing.
  90. Theory that support obesity in children
    Theory and rationale for selecting the theoryThe multidimensional theory of obesity proposed by Perryman, Nielsen and Booth is the selected theory that supports obesity that is going to be used. With reference to the present study, the selection of the multidimensional theory is in the fact that at the early >>>
  91. Theory practice gap
    The gap is as a result of the theory failing to maintain the same pace with the change in the practice and concept of nursing. To sum this discussion up, I agree that there is a theory-practice gap, and nursing profession has evolved over the years.
  92. Application of theories in practice/ improving infection control practice using a theoretical framework
    The theory will, therefore, be applied in the hospital by gearing it towards maintenance of a clean environment and proper waste disposal among the staff and patient in the hospital. This can be achieved by coupling the theory with classical theory of learning whereby the management continuously teach the staff >>>
  93. Application of nursing theory comment
    This post demonstrates how the theory offers a structure that nurse leaders can use to reinstate the profession's vision of care that permits care to flow from the nurse leader to other nurses and eventually to the patients. The post also demonstrates how nurse leaders can use the theory to >>>
  94. Nursing theory
    Metaparadigms refer to the person, environment, health and nursing contexts in nursing. The application of these tenets is broad and wide in relation to the nursing practice.
  95. Contemporary nursing theories: roy adaptation theory
    Contemporary Nursing Theories: Roy Adaptation TheoryContemporary Nursing TheorySome of the contemporary nursing theories include Roy adaptation theory, which identifies the human body as an open system interacting with external factors of stimuli. The contemporary nursing theories underscore nursing as a profession by providing guidance and direction especially in the >>>
  96. Reflection essay on nursing theory
    According to this theory, a personal relationship occurs between the client and the nurse, and this nurse-client relationship is the vehicle for the delivery of nursing care, which is defined as a dynamic interpersonal process. This theory emphasizes on the fact that the nurse and the client are affected by >>>
  97. Theories 2
    Response: Defending the use of only Nursing theories In order to defend the use of nursing theories and not borrowed theories, itwould be necessary to review the development of nursing theories and their application in nursing practice. For instance, a review of Crawford et al.shows that borrowed theories were only >>>
  98. patricia benner’s theory: from novice to expert essay sample
    The development of Patricia Benner's theory, novice to expert has been used to direct clinical practice and transform the view of the nursing profession. Benner applied various experiences within her study of the nursing profession to describe the unique features and knowledge embedded in the experience of the nurse.
  99. Evidence base health care theory
    Evidence Base Health Care Theory Evidence Base Health Care Theory The evidence based health care theory has proven useful in the improvement of public population health. As seen in the research conducted by ONeall & Brownson, through the evidence based health care theory, the public practitioners are able to adopt >>>
  100. The role of nursing theory in nursing education, research, and clinical practice
    Nursing theories play a role in reinforcing nursing practices for they provide the education required in the treatment and care of the patients. In research, nursing theories play a role in guiding the research process.

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