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Toy critique essay sample

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What you are doing is looking at the toy in terms of finding what it provides and evaluating whether this provision is good or not, in terms of development and other things that support children. Also things like safety, price etc.

So you could make a checklist of things like is it ?:
appealing to children, durable
age appropriate
developmentally supportive ( I would elabaorate on this by looking at each developmental area and/or at specific things like how a climbing frame could support gross motor skills say)
realistic (in the case of something representing real things like kitchen equipment say)
Gender, ethnic group and special needs etc
educational value ( a jigsaw could help with colour recognition say)

Also is it value for money

Is it limited in use (needs a lot of space or awkward to put up say)

Then you could mark the checklist Y/N and have a comment box for each thing where you briefly explain why it’s Y/N)

As to the actual form of the piece I imagine you have been given how they want it laid out but it’s usually something like

SCENARIO (sometimes this heading is omitted and aim is included with intro) My aim is to select a toy and develop a range of criteria by which it will be assessed.

what you are going to do (see scenario above)
Why you are doing it and why you picked this toy
how you are going to do it (Observe children playing with it and look at price, safety etc)

The criteria above, yes/no and a comment

What you found and how your findings are good or bad. How they support development, again I would break into areas, durable, good/poor value for money etc.

What you found that could be inproved and how eg child in wheelchair can’t access sand box on stand so I will move to a wheelchair accessible table. it breaks very easily so I will look into a better quality product.

what you have gained/learnt from doing this assignment

Thanks for your opinion!
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