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What was her art training? – In 1980, Nonfat Joined a three- year Diploma of Visual Communications at the Queensland College of Arts.

Within this course, she studied photography, sculpture and painting and majoring in film making and video productions. Tracey Nonfat was supplied with the finest of equipment and took a great deal of interest In expressing herself through art.

During her course she had produced a number of short films that had allowed her to communicate ideas and messages that she felt strongly about. 3. When did she become “ famous”? Name important exhibitions..

. Is Nonfat known overseas? If she is, where is her work represented? Tracey Nonfat is one of Australia’s leading International visual artists working In photography, film and video. She Is known for her powerful visual story telling which has been recognized In Australia as well as Internationally.

In places such as: The John Curtain Gallery in Perth, Western Australia, The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, L. A Gallery in Beijing, China and The Wellington City Gallery In Wellington, New Zealand.

Nonfat first gained significant critical approval when her short film Night Cries was nominated for formal competition at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival. Her first feature film, bedevil, was also chosen for Cannes in 1993. In 1997, she was invited to exhibit In the Operate section of the Venice Biennial.

Her Major exhibitions are listed below: Date Exhibition 989 First solo exhibition at the Australian Centre for photography in Sydney. 1997 – 1998 A major exhibition of Infant’s work was held at Did Center for the Arts in New York which established her international reputation. 2003-2004 Infant’s work has been held at the Museum of Contemporary Art In Sydney.

2004 Adventure Series was exhibited at The Hassled Centre in Category, Sweden 2006 Nonfat had her first retrospective exhibition : Tracey Nonfat: Between Dreams and Reality in Italy at Spavin Brenda, Milan. 007 Charta Publishers In Milan, published a major monograph called ‘ The Moving Images of Tracey Nonfat’. World: Why does she do what she does? 1. What are her photographs and videos about? – Tracey Infant’s work reflects on a varied series of styles. She Is Influenced by traditional and popular culture and creates a reality with artificial qualities. Her artworks are reflected on many different aspects and have been manipulated including, literature, television, trashy films, cartoons, Hollywood thrillers and the Dreaming – Aboriginal Spirituality.

Nonfat recognizes and combines the worlds of reams, memories and everyday life. She often draws stories that come from Popular culture, which is, draw and turn from the culture and societies in which she herself lives or has lived. Her work also drives at socially spoken boundaries especially differences between indigenous and non-indigenous in Australia. 2. What are the underlying issues that we can all identify with? – 3. Are there any cultural views represented in her works? 4.

Can you find symbolic interpretations that are relevant to all of us in her works? –

By overlooking the dialogue from her films, Tracey Nonfat relies on vivid imagery filled with symbolic references to provide signs for interpretation. An example of numerous symbolic references that become evident are seen in the film “ Night Cries”, where a black daughter is seen standing against a toilet door in uniform. The stance against the door suggests the unstable and troubling situation of the traditional Aboriginal in a white culture and the uniform indicates the girl is either a cleaner or a nurse. Another symbolic example seen in Infant’s works in evident in the film “ Nice Colored Girls”.

To symbolism a white man’s physical conflict with eighteenth century Aboriginal women, Nonfat replaced the strong actions by presenting imagery such as a white hand with a rock smashing the black glass that guards a framed colonial print of the Sydney Harbor. 5.

What world or ideas do you think she is projecting in these works? – The main source of ideas that Nonfat has projected through her works of art has come from her early childhood experiences, personal fantasies, contemporary history and Aboriginal stories that have developed as themes for her work.

There is an ongoing relation to Aboriginal Australia and Aboriginal people both in urban and traditional contexts where she explores the complexities of the current thoughts and feelings that arouse during the course of colonization. Infant’s ideas also arise from a-grade movies and Hollywood as well as the serious European modernist films of Antonio and Goddard. Compositions and sets regularly come from the landscapes of Albert Animating and Russell Drywall and archival photographs detailing the nineteenth century.

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