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Transition to walsh college

Transition to Walsh College Walsh College’s accounting programs are deservedly reputed to be among the finest in thefield, and I am proud to be a (graduate?) at this school. The transition to the Walsh program is undoubtedly not an easy matter. As an individual, I have coped quite well, except for my difficulties with fluent communication – English is my second language. Otherwise, I could relate easily to the particularly vigorous curriculum. I attribute this to my strong foundation in basic accounting principles. However, it must be admitted that many of my peers have experienced a tough transition period. As far as I can see, the major difficulty encountered by students is the rigor of the academic curriculum. Many students struggle to cope with the coursework on entry because of the varying standards of their previous accounting backgrounds. Of course, any dilution of academic standards will only be counterproductive to the college’s aim of producing graduates of the highest caliber in accounting practice, and no student would wish for that. I recommend that all transitional students take a brief test to ascertain their level of proficiency as measured against the standards of Walsh College’s program. Any students falling short in this could be given the opportunity to attend a short bridge course tailored to bring them on par with the prevailing standards in college. In this context, optional courses in English communication may also find some takers. This would iron out any differences in academic foundations and make the transition smooth and stress-free to all students, giving everyone a level playing field.

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