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Communication is very essential requirement in virtually all professions. There is no single profession that does not require efficient communication. Choice of a career in culinary art as a profession requires communication very much. As a student in culinary art, I highly understand how essential communication is in the profession.

The fact that I have not had ample exposure in real practice does not mean that I do not have enough awareness on how important communication is. The importance of effective communication in culinary art can be seen in work especially when working in a restaurant. For example, kitchen workers need to be aware of the roles they have to play in the process. My experience in class and visits to various restaurants confirms the importance of communication. Since joining, Art Institute of Houston, I have had my widespread experience in communication.

For instance, I have come of age in terms of keeping in good communication with fellow students as we undertake practical classes. In fact, this skill has been improved remarkably as I can now see the importance of communication and success in my career. Actually, I was incompetent in this skill when I joined AiH. A potential employer needs to know that my experience in communication as a culinarian. Moreover, the employer needs to know that my practical exposure at the Art Institute of Houston has given me ample training in culinary arts.

Moreover, it important for the potential employer to know that I have the ability to have all kitchen workers and servers produce their best at work. It is also essential that the employer knows my intensive exposure on communication in restaurants during frequent visits.

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