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Unit 6 proposal designs assignment

Nature of the problem The problem to be addressed is solving health and fitness issues in the community. There is no any health and fitness program present in the locality. Majority of the people around live unhealthy life’s with no exercise to improve on their health. Research conducted in the area show obesity and overweight is the major issue at hand that is affecting people in the area. The most affected with obesity and overweight issues are adults and aged population of both genders. The children are the least affected but reports cases of overweight in relation to their ages. Most of the people live a sedimentary lifestyle and lack of physical fitness programs in the area worseness the situation even more. The organization intends to serve the entire community without excluding anyone both men and women and children and elderly (Zlowodzki, Jönsson, Kregor, & Bhandari, 2007).
Context of the problem
The fact that the majority of people are middle income earns with only a few wealthy, and the rest are low income earns explains the reason as to why they are facing the problem listed above. Most people live in a sedimentary lifestyle especially the elderly. No emphasize has been attached to health and fitness among the residents. The issues of obesity and other health related problems like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes issues that people are facing is attributed to lack of physical fitness programs in the area. Limited resources and poor access to care and services aggravate the situation. Lack of stable sources of income due to the high unemployment rate among the residents is also an attribute. The provision of a physical fitness program will help solve the problems encountered accountability (Karsh & Fox, 2009).
Obesity and overweight concerns affect the way of life of the people. Most of the elderly people in the area suffer obesity related problems like hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. They spend much of their income seeking health care, which majority cannot afford. The teenagers who are suffering from overweight related issues face a lot of stigmas in a social gathering and at school. Many people taunt and poke obese people to make fun of them. They cannot perform a similar task as other people can. This causes mental and emotional problems to the children and result to poor performance especially in school. Obesity is associated with an unproductive life creating a lot of fear and anxiety to the victims. The psychological trauma that the people face makes them live with a lot of fear and anxiety.
Treatment of the problems encountered by the people will provide great importance and significance to the people as well as the community. This will enable the resident improve the quality of life as well as safe on the income of seeking health care. Funding of the Y gym will be of great benefit. The gym will enable the community relate the importance of health and physical fitness. The organisation will provide counseling programs to the community to increase awareness. This is important in reduction as well as prevention of obesity related issues bound to occur in the area. The organisation also provides fitness programs to the community. This will be available to all without any exclusion of the obese and non-obese individuals. Social awareness programs to help increase awareness of obesity as a social issue in the area. By so doing, the organisation will be very beneficial to the community and help the individual improve on their life accountability (Karsh & Fox, 2009).
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