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of Texas-Cancer Center Multidisciplinary Care in Cancer The nature and quality of service offered to patients in a hospital setting is determined by numerous factors. Hospitals and other institutions offering health services should always strive to enhance comprehensive adherence to patient’s needs and satisfaction. Multidisciplinary care is one of the best things that ever happened to MD Anderson. Multidisciplinary care is among the best approaches for cancer treatment. Masters (2013) points out that the practice rallies specialists from different fields together in finding a solution to the patient’s problems. In fact, the health professionals bring their ideas and skills to a common pool thereby making multidisciplinary care the most outstanding approach in handling cancer ailments.
Quality performance of head and neck center at MD Anderson
The success of head and neck center can be attributed to the experienced team of professionals and adoption of the new technology in cancer treatment (Feig, 2006). The management team and the human resource department of the center have established candid mechanisms of acquiring super qualified medical professional. In addition, MD Anderson has laid modern infrastructure that enhance efficient service delivery to the patient.
The center has embraced the new technology in assessing and analyzing the patient’s conditions (Bernier, 2011). The equipments found at the center are not common in other institution providing the same services. In essence, almost all the equipments required for head and neck cancer treatment are present at the center. The patient evaluation strategy adopted at the center is unique in that, it comprehensively covers the patient’s needs.
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