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Venture idea

Venture Idea Product and service The business will be focused on selling healthy food. The food to be sold includes; Sub, herbal tea, fresh fruits, steamed and fresh vegetables. The products will be available on a mobile food truck. The truck can be hired by other organizations that have functions. Promotion services will be provided specifically outdoor advertising. Outside catering services will be offered for both public and private functions.
Product and service accessibility
Clients can order the product(s) and service(s) using online platform. Delivery of the food ordered will be done by the staffs. However, the truck will be moving to different towns; therefore, an order placed by a client for delivery will need to have a radius not exceeding ten kilometers. Clients can still visit the truck and place an order (face-face transaction). The services can be initiated using online platform, but finalizing of the services will require a discussion with the client.
Market opportunity
Currently, most Americans have become too busy trying to make ends meet, thus time to prepare food for themselves or the family has become limited. Therefore, this gap has created an opportunity for this venture to be implemented and be successful.

Favorable trends
Demand for healthy food has been on the rise due to the increased lifestyle diseases such as cancer, obesity et cetera. Weekdays when most people are on work the demand for the food is at maximum, thus best returns are realized.
Future of the market
The future for this venture is brighter as day goes-by. The growing population and health conscious clients will definitely demand healthy food, and this will create an opportunity for the business to expand. New trucks will be purchased to enhance service level.
Bongaarts, J. (n.d.). Population and the Food Supply System in the USA. Population and Development Review, 483-483.

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