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Virginia woolf – "moments of being”

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In an excerpt from Virginia Woolf’s memoir “ Moments of Being”, she constructs a memoir with optimistic diction to convey to humanity that the significant moments from the past are a lesson to be used in the future. In Woolf’s excerpt she reflects upon her childhood memories with her brother Thoby and her father at a seaside village. Woolf is indicating that some moments from that past are a lesson used in the future. One lesson learned was from a moment Woolf had with her brother and father fishing. Woolf states “ Thoby took the fisherman’s place” he was very “ flushed” and had “ his mouth set”.

Basically, Woolf is saying through the use of optimistic language; Thoby was very excited and confident to do something on his own. Woolf had passion for fishing as much as her brother did. Woolf herself writes, “ The line thrilled in one’s fingers” as the “ boat shot through the water” as she questioned herself “ how can I convey the excitement”. Woolf is using very optimistic language here to show how hopeful and confident she is about fishing. Woolf’s father realizes how much fishing is meant to Woolf so he teaches her a very important lesson about life through one of her favorite activities.

Woolf’s father states; “ Next time if you are going to fish I shan’t come” but tells Woolf “ you can go if you like”. Woolf’s father’s point is to teach Woolf to “ think and decide for herself” by still using an optimistic language by saying “ you can go if you like”. Woolf knew what it was, as Woolf states “ it was a perfect lesson”. Woolf uses the optimistic diction to show that her father wasn’t rebuking her rather just teaching her a lesson that she can use later in life; as she does later in life remember those “ invaluable seeds”.

Woolf looks back and remembers those irreplaceable experiences she had which taught her a valuable lesson. As Woolf was remembering these precious moments with her father and brother she looks back and comprehends the lessons taught to her. Woolf uses optimistic diction to evoke the audience that the moments from the past are a lesson learned for the future so people can feel hopeful and confident as she did when looking back at the lessons learned. The audience can learn a lot by looking at the lessons taught by remembering those invaluable experiences people have skilled in life.

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