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The growing economic importance of service activities, however, has broadened the scope of MM function (in fact, the course will Ochs more on service facilities). Large scale globalization, short product life cycle and more informed customers means that successful management of operations, careful design and efficient utilization of resources is an absolute must not only to add to the bottom line of a firm, but even for its mere survival. MM is a highly dynamic and expanding field of management. In this course, we will study both manufacturing and service operations, emphasizing their differences as well as similarities.

We will examine the role of operations management in the organization by exploring a number of concepts and techniques. The interaction of operations with other business areas and environmental factors, and how operations management can contribute to the achievement of organizational goals, also will be discussed. ; Course Learning Outcomes The objective of the course is to develop your understanding of the major concepts and trade-offs involved in making MM decisions. At the end of this course, you will: 1 . Recognize the important role of operations in an organization’s success 2.

Develop a comprehensive understanding of operational issues and decisions and how they relate to each other, and to other areas of the organization and its environment 3. Understand related operational and economical concepts and techniques 4. Apply these techniques At the end of the course, you will be able to: 1. Identify the fundamental managerial trade-off in an operations decision environment 2. Develop a decision model and formulate an appropriate objective 3. Evaluate alternative solutions and analyze the objective to optimize the decision 4.

The textbooks are not required, out are recommended. I en problems at ten Ana AT every chanter In ten textbooks are useful in preparing for the midterm and final exams. The textbooks are also reserved for your use in the Business Library. ; Lecture Notes: A required course package will be sold through the Management Undergraduate Society. The course package contains the following: Allurement (1998) article, one case study, and player manual for Simulation Game. The course slides, sample midterm and final questions, end-officiate practice questions will be posted on Web.

Important Note: We may skip some of the course notes during classroom discussions and we will be covering quantitative material not covered in these notes. Most of this material is also available online/on Web for download. I will also post additional materials on WEB. Please check WEB at least once before and after each lecture for posted announcements, and materials.There will be two problem set assignments during the course. These assignments will be quantitative ones, each worth 7. 5% of the total marks. Each assignment will be due in approximately a week (the exact dates will be announced later on).

You can complete and submit your assignments as a group. The maximum number of students that can be in an assignment group is 4. The assignments turned in by groups of 5 or more students will not be accepted. On the other hand, you are alcove to submit an assignment that you have prepared alone. The solutions will be made available after the due-date. It is important to include your all pages together. Late submissions will not be accepted. If you miss a class, your mailed assignment, postmarked no later than the due date, will be accepted as on-time.

There will be one midterm and one final exam to test your understanding of the material covered in the course. Both the midterm and the final exams are compulsory, closed book and closed notes. Students are not allowed to bring any additional material and information related to the exams. A formula sheet will be provided together with the exam. The formula sheets for the midterm and for the final can be downloaded from WEB. Note that missing an exam is an issue that you will have to settle first with the B. Com office. The course policy is not to offer make-up exams.

GRADES The grades for the midterm and the assignments will be posted on WEB. Please check the course page whenever a new grade is available and immediately inform the instructor if there is a discrepancy. In accord with McGill University Charter of Students’ Rights, students in this course have the right to submit in English or in French any written work that is to be graded. There will be 1 case study assignment in the course, and it should be done in group of 6. The case study is: Delays at Logan Airport. This case is included in the course package.

A number of questions will be provided during the course for the case, which should serve as a basis for group discussion and case report. These questions will be of two types. One type of questions will have a calculator figure ( ) indicating the involvement of a quantitative analysis. The other type of questions are to initiate broader discussion of the case study based on the managerial insights that can be developed from quantitative questions, case discussion among the group members and use of strategic operations management and related concepts.

The full case study report should not exceed 5-pages typewritten, one-and-half-spaced, using default margins and 12-point type. Your report should start with an executive summary (maximum 0. 5 pages), which summarizes your findings. The main body of the report should present a detailed discussion based on the provided questions and your analysis of the quantitative questions. Prepare an action-oriented advisory report, which presents concisely your analysis and recommendations for solution of the primary management problems.

Make sure you demonstrate that you have thought through your recommendations and the effects on other related activities. Also demonstrate that you understand the concepts and tools from the class that apply. Clearly state your assumptions. Be selective. Do not restate case facts. Summary tables in the text are encouraged for quantitative information. In addition to the report, you may supply any number of figures (visual representations of information contained in the text), and at most four exhibits. Make sure these are referenced in the text.

Do not use the exhibits to violate the page limit. The report should stand alone, and the exhibits should provide only the documentation or details of a technical analysis. The exhibits must be easily understood and all variables defined properly and all assumptions stated clearly. Discuss limitations of your analysis or recommendations. These might include assumptions you made but do not feel comfortable with, or impediments to success that may prove more difficult than you expect. Discuss potential disadvantages of your recommendations.

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