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Importance of Warfare in Society pre-1500 CE Before 1500 CE, there were no mechanisms to resolve conflicts between two people groups. This inevitably led to wars between tribal groups. The reason for this was not so much just simply to vanquish the other group, but for one’s own survival as a race. This often meant taking over land and natural resources to sustain a group’s way of living. If a race of people did not have enough land to provide for their own tribe, it was then logical to attack the closest neighbor that could offer vast resources and land. Because there were no international bodies to mediate in conflicts between two groups, it was often the people who had the bigger army that won. Warfare was not restricted to any one people group; almost every society saw warfare as a means to an end. Whereas as now we have global peace organizations, such as the United Nations, to prevent war from occurring by engaging in constructive dialogue, warfare was seen as a way of sending a message. If there was no response, then the advancing people group would extend their boundaries. However, if there was anger against such a provocative move, a direct military response would result.
Warfare did not involve a lot of planning before 1500 CE because the technological knowhow was not yet in place. Raids on other people groups were generally decided on a whim. There was really no thought of the consequences that may ensue after attacking an enemy’s land. Once the opposition retaliated, the fighting went on back and forth, resulting in the loss of countless lives.

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