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Web Quest This Web-Quest was designed so as to assist would-be designers on how to go about interior design Background Designing interior spaces is best answered by knowing what would fit for the clients’ needs. Then, what follows is the quality of material to us that can stand the test of time both stylistically and functionally. It is therefore important that the goal of an interior designer be to make sure that the fundamental design and the materials are classic, long lasting, and appropriate to a space in the building. The use of fresh and up-to-date elements-such as lighting, furniture, and art-that expresses just right feeling for the clients are the focus of attention.
The interest in “ green “ spaces of the interiors of the building where sustainability is reached adds more to the enhancement. A central idea devoted to environmental preservation is important. By bring this interest in sustainability into one’s design, provides for the necessity to be socially responsible for the upkeep of the buildings’ spaces.
The outcome of this academic work is to provide the necessary information to my future clients as well as to the general public in matters of designing their immediate interior spaces.
The following are the initial internet resources that I believe will be very useful for this activity:
1. Materials in Interior Design –. Top-interior-designs. com/materials-in-interior-design; www. interiordesignersla. com/interior-design-materials. This website basically gives a variety of interior designs ranging from cars to houses. It has got numerous illustrations in terms of pictures and offers even an encyclopedia for interior design. It also gives a wealth of materials used in interior designing as well as suitable ones for finishes. There are also a lot of references including interior design schools.
2. Interior Design specifications-this covers interior materials and finishes; lighting, barrier-free, and computer; www. amazon. com/Interior-Design-Materials-Specifications there are various books on interior design and they usually cover all the information that is important as far as planning and execution of interior design projects of all sizes and shapes are concerned. Some books such as The Interior Design Reference Specification Book contain interviews with top practitioners drawn from across the wide field of interior design.
3. Color and materials in interiors design – top-interior-designs. com/color-and-materials-in, A ceramic is an inorganic, non-metallic solid prepared by the action of heat and subsequent cooling. Ceramic materials may have a crystalline or partly crystalline, List of materials used for interior design – The Q&A wiki; wiki. answers. com/Q/… of_materials_used_for_interior_design
A variety of colors exist and this website will equip learners with knowledge to choose interior finishes, textiles as well as materials for that are appropriate to fit the requirements of a project’s performance, aesthetics together with respect for the environment and humans. Learners will know how to not only design projects but also create designs on the basis of material together with color applications.
4. Interior Design Materials –Dexigner, www. dexigner. com/directory/cat/Interior-Design/Materials… This website has got various high quality interior design materials such Kirei tiles that are manufactured from domesticated agricultural byproducts and suitable for finished and architectural goods applications in residential, commercial as well as hospitality settings. Other materials include Muratto, Tobias Stucco
5. A list of five interior design materials-usually hand-picked by Design Directory., Interior Materials – McCoys Building Supply, shop. mccoys. com/interior-materials. Materials together with finishes are the things that one sees as an aspect of project’s design . Selecting the correct ones will assist in differentiating between style and uniqueness. The following are examples of materials used in interior design and finishes. These are; finishes painting, floor, materials, fibers and fabrics.
6. Interior Materials Ceilings. 21 Products Cleaning and Maintenance. 158 Products Countertops and Laminates. 137 Products Flooring. 261 Products Kitchen; Recent Trends – Natural Materials In Interior Design, hit-decor. net/decorate/decoration-ideas/recent-trends Numerous interior ceilings do vary requiring one to choose from a wide pool. Some of interior ceiling include; PVC false ceiling, moisture resistant interior and aluminum interior ceiling material.
7. Recent Trends – Natural Materials in Interior Design natural materials bedroom wall. In recent years, society is becoming more and more attentive to them. Thus Turquoise, mixing textures, sheer drapes, opulent kitchens, vintage pieces and transparent furniture are some of the hottest trends in 2014. These can all be found in Redrow London Blog.
The process for this academic work will involve the following:
1. Gathering data-This is done from various sources in the internet using keywords such as “ sustainable materials for interiors”, “ environmental-friendly materials for the
modern interiors”, “ green materials for interiors” etc.
2. Selection of relevant topics-these will serve as reading materialize
3. Identification and prioritizing information gathered-this is simply sorting out the information gotten from various sources and arranging it in terms of priority.
4. Organization of the report –a report is properly organized using the researched materials
5. Designing and Creating the Webpage-this is a very important stage and care should be taken to come up with a masterpiece.
6. Go On line-the Webpage is now ready to go live and ready for use by various interested parties.
The key performance indicator for measuring success of this academic work is to find out how many people have accessed the Webpage. More importantly, it can be said as being very successful when there are inquiries about my webpage. Their comments – good or bad, as well will prove that the Webpage has reached the intended group.
This academic activity which begins with an overview of the whole work, then defining the task itself, on to doing the necessary research work, coming up with various processes for the same and finally evaluating the whole task, means so much to me and is very significant since we are trained to be up to date as far as use of modern communications technology is concerned. By so doing, I will be able to make similar WebPages in the future since I am confident enough, having created one at school. Thus I can now confidently and boldly do one and inform people about what I really do. I can easily understand as well as relate to this kind of academic activity which I think is very useful in my future career as an interior designer.

Thanks for your opinion!
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