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Week 5 assignment

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Week 5 — Assignment Good day everyone, my name is Olea Jean and I will be your facilitator in today’s discussion concerning the Influence of Music in our culture an values today. To begin let’s start off with an overview of our discussion points for today which will include: (1) Music and radio — the ways they have shaped American Culture and it’s value. (2) How music and a particular genre has personally affected me and those close to me. (3) How music has shaped cultural and social behavior within America. Music has been around for the ages but the question arises how has it had an impact on how it has been able to shape American cultures and values. We have been able to see through the years how it has aided in the shaping of identities, providing comfort when there was no other means from childhood to adulthood. It has been during this time that we have been able to see how it has affected relationships between parents and their children, schools and government all because of persons not approving of perhaps lyrics, sounds or even what those two areas may have caused young people to do in regards to dancing. Even back in the early twentieth century, young persons were condemned by religious leaders because of the Tango, a dance that was allegedly causing a negative impact on the French youth. However, now it is a form of ballroom dancing and is viewed with high esteem when performed. Other music and dances that would fall in line with the Tango would be the Charleston and jitterbug. Both were inspired from jazz music however, it was recognized then as music and dancing that inspired unrestrained dances. Again these dances and music now are ever so accepted within the American culture. Jazz was only a segment of it as later, other genre came into light such as rock-n-roll. A combination of blues music, and traditional pop (both vocal and instrumental) combined to bring us a new sound entitled Rock and Roll. The combination of the two was considered to be the first “ Integration music” as it was the means by which we could merge the sounds of what was recognized as rhythm and blues (the black sound) merged with country, folk and pop. Rock-n-roll has been accredited as the only new style of music hat has developed from a diverse set of influences with such a grand impact on numerous cultures. You may be asking how this could be with all the various genres that are available to the listening ear. Well the answer would be Marketing 101. Yes the industry came to understand that these new music genres rather it be Rock-n-roll or something closer to today like rap, the focus group for marketing are the youths within the household. Today you will find

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