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Internal and External challenges a Manager Faces

Internal challenges a manager faces can be at a personal level and an organization level. Internal organizational challenges may include reducing the number of staff, having to work with a reduced budget, dealing with a reduction in sales, having to handle the consequences of newly implemented technology that has failed, hiring the right and qualified individuals, firing underperforming employees, how to deal with outstanding employees. Personal challenges may include behavior challenges. For instance, how does one respond to crisis? This could be inform of temper or understanding or may be showing empathy in cases where there is loss oflife.
External factors that the managers may face may include pressure to adopt new technology, which is being implemented by other organizations and increased competition from competitors who have introduced new services or products. Further, other external factors may include poor performance in the stock market, messages from the social media tainting the image of the organization, natural calamities that may affect some of the offices of the organization. External personal factors for the manager may be mainly related to health or a family crisis of the manager.
In an effort of preparation to meet and handle future challenges, as a manager, I can develop strategies and plans that will be used in case natural calamities affect the operation of the organization. Further, in cases where I have to work with a reduced budget, I need to prioritize things and activities in accordance of their importance to the performance of the organization.

Strategies to use when I fail to meet Organizational Goals

Failure to meet the organizational goals will require me to evaluate the performance based on the things we did and what we could have been done. In addition, since morale of employees is key in achieving organization goals, I will have to develop new and efficient ways of motivating employees. According to Haynes (2007), hiring goal oriented and positive employees are significant ways of achieving organizational goals. If the employee fails to meet the organizational goal, having a sit-down is essential to understand the basis of the employee’s performance. Firstly, after evaluation, I can give the employee a second chance to see if there can be an improvement after implementing retraining (Ignatius, 2010). The last resort would be firing. This approach is essential in order to consider personal factors or organizational issues that could have been impeding the performance of the employee.

Handling adversity

Richard Branson approach to problems is effective. Most of the organization challenges result from employees not attaining organizational goals. Team building would be an effective way to handle this situation through hiking where trust is developed. Additionally, seminars that provide training to employees are essential to ensure they acquire and develop new skills. An organization where the employees are not happy is least likely to achieve its goals. According to McManus and Delaney (2007), happiness helps in relaxing the brain and when people are relaxed, the brain opens up more. Further, never giving up is essential no matter how bad the situation is looking.
When the team fails, it is important not to react impulsively (Dattner and Hogan, 2011). This is necessary to ensure that the situation is not made to be much worse. Further, I need to evaluate personally how I guided and directed the employees because it could not all be their fault. Before accusing anyone, I will develop possible solutions to the failure. Recognizing that there is a problem is also important. This will show that, as a manager, I have the ability to take responsibility of the personnel that I supervise (Caruth, Caruth, and Csaszar, 2010).

Handling Organizational Decisions beyond my control

Tough decisions such as budget cuts and layoffs require to be addressed sensitively and cautiously. In case of any budget cuts, shareholders need to be informed and given adequate reasons why the changes are necessary. Laying off workers needs also to be accompanied by valid reasons. Thus, communication of these crucial issues needs to be done in an open and transparent manner. I would call a companywide meeting to announce such information and allow employees to air their views. This can help in showing compassion and transparency (Ignatius, 2010).

Dealing with Conflict

Handling conflict will require impartiality in cases where employees do not agree. Each of the employees will be given a chance to tell their story uninterrupted. Then I will try to make them see the situation from my viewpoint. Encouraging employees to see the bigger picture in terms of the organization is essential in handling the conflict. As manager, I will be involved in conflict resolution when it affects team morale and performance of the organization.

Approach to Self-assessment

One of the ways of self-assessment is evaluating the level of motivated employees (Dattner and Hogan, 2011). As a manager, I am entitled to ensure that employees are motivated. Embracing of new strategies in decision and conflict resolution is also another approach to use in self-assessment.


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