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With for is its education system. the rapid

With this letter, I would like to express my interest in studying at University of Windsor as a MSC student.

Canada is known for is its education system. The rapid increase in available information has made studying information technology (IT) in Canada a good choice for students interested in the technicalities associated with storing, retrieving, and transmitting data. The best IT programs offered by Canadian universities prepare students for a growing number of IT jobs that help organizations increase productivity and maximize the use of technology. Canada offers an ideal location and much to learn, which is why it attracts a lot of students worldwide. I believe that studying here will be a good opportunity to get in touch with the Canadian culture and education system.University of Windsor is among the leading Canadian scientific and research institution and is one of the best university in the country as evident by its high international university ranking.

The excellent and culminating environment with highly qualified faculty makes University of Windsor my first choice in Canada.I am delightful to find your Master program of Computer Science.  I am sure it would strongly enhance my knowledge and help me in my professional career. I especially appreciate the wide range of offered modules and the freedom in choosing my desired specialization in your Information Technology program because I feel that the scheme of studies in Pakistani universities is too rigid. There is no equivalent at the universities in my home country.I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Islamabad which is one of the highly reputed educational institutes in Pakistan and the #1 University in the country according to Times Higher Education ranking 2016 ¹ – I am looking to further my education in this field or ones related to it.

I have always been passionate about using different technologies since a young age. I eagerly jump at opportunities to try out and understand the inner workings of innovative products like smart watches, Google Glass even though such products are very rare in Pakistan and not easily available. Web portal application will be developed to keep track all the user data and their respective doctor. The user and their respective doctor will see the daily, weekly progress and visualize their progress through charts and also keep track the medical history of the user. Apart from these features, the Web and android application also had many features like New fitness trends, various exercise methods and add user individual health goals and reminders.In my undergraduate study I had taken up courses on Data Structure, Computer Graphics, Professional Ethics in IT, Object Oriented Programming, Software design and development, Software Quality, Software Project Management, Requirement Engineering, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Organization and Assembly Language, Database Systems and Web Technologies. This program has converted my initial zeal into deep fascination for the subject and motivated me to pursue graduate study.

Both practical experience and course work had helped me to follow the technological innovations and new design techniques by reading technical publications and attending various seminars & conferences. My area of interest involves Software Engineering methodologies and principles. This interest developed as I read up on failed software projects such as the Therac-25² incidents of 1985-87 and found out the devastating effects of malfunctioning software. I would like to study and contribute towards improving software philosophies as to ensure the creation of quality and highly functional software products.

After finishing my Bachelors in Software Engineering in COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Islamabad, I took up a job as a Software Engineer at Monotrix Technologies. I was formally introduced to challenging task of software design and development. An intensive two months of initial training at Monotrix Technologies provided me with a solid foundation in vendor technologies like Microsoft .Net, Oracle and Crystal Reports, software engineering principles (SDLC), business process management and software development methodologies like waterfall model, scrum and agile process. In initial months of training I covered all the topics which are essential to my work in software development.Working at Monotrix Technologies Software House has given me a chance to apply my academic skills to apply them to solve real world problems.

My major responsibilities were to develop the Innovative and unique Web and Android Applications, and to lead the team to help them to provide solutions. I also have the additional responsibility to manage the resources and meet the timelines. I devoted myself in learning advanced software concepts like software design patterns, architectural patterns, programming languages like C#.

Net, and java. I successfully completed challenging assignments and provided immense business value by providing well designed solutions.In my graduate program my aim is to raise my mental horizons and develop a deep understanding of latest tools and technologies used in the future. I also want to learn technical, managerial as well as behavioral aspects of the field to work in higher positions. I strongly believed that master’s program will enhance my quality assurance and testing component skills, also it raise the level of excellence in my work.

I would very much like to pursue my Master’s Degree in Information Technology at University of Windsor. This would give me a chance to enrich my knowledge about Computer Sciences in the inspiring environment of one of the most prominent Canadian universities. I am confident that my experience in Canada would be extremely invigorating and valuable for both my studies and overall general development, as well as contribute further to University of Windsor illustrious reputation.

Thanks for your opinion!
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