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Work-life balance

In the present day, fast-paced competitive world, an individual is hard-pressed for time. On one side is the time-bound pressure of completing office tasks and delivering results. On the other side is the need to take out time for people who matter most.
The key is to juggle the demands of both sides and maintain what has been popularly called work-life balance. Prioritizing, delegating, dropping meaningless activities and planning will help an individual to maintain this see-saw balance.
Assign routine, relatively unimportant tasks to subordinates and thereby get out of the activity-trap.
Drop Meaningless Activities
Organizations have informal groups that tend to become gossipmongers. These people are too busy gossiping, cribbing and spreading rumors. Avoid spending time with them as it does no good for your professional or personal life.
Many people create a plan for the tasks to be achieved during the week. They then break these tasks and determine the daily output. What they fail to do is set aside time for family.

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