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Yalta conference

The Yalta Conference that was also called the Crimea Conference was held in February 1945. The meeting consisted of the president of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Prime Minister of United Kingdom who was Winston Churchill and the leader of Russia who was General Secretary Joseph Stalin. The main reason of the meeting was to discuss Europe after the war and how it was to be re-organized. The meeting was mainly meant to discuss to discuss the re-establishment of Europe which was greatly torn by war. The conference took place in Yalta in the Crimea. The conference took place when it was imminent that U. S. A., Russia and The United kingdom were winning the war.

Winston Churchill had hopes that Russia will support Poland to attain a democratic government by holding elections. Stalin wanted to have some countries in the Eastern Europe that will serve as buffer for Russia to protect her geographically and politically. Stalin explained to the others, that over the history Poland has either been in war with Russia or has been used by others hostile nations to invade Russia. Stalin believed that it wanted a pro Russian Poland which would guarantee security to Russia.

Germany was also about to be defeated, the British and the U. S. A. were making headways from the West and Russia was also advancing from the East. The conference agreed to divide Germany amongst the Allies members. President Franklin also wanted to convince Russia to joining them in the war in the Pacific and assist them to defeat Japan.

The conference was a huge success due to a lot of achievements it made and they include; Russia agreed to join the others in the Pacific by declaring war over Japan (Boyer 2008). Also Prime Minister Churchill got a promise from Stalin that he will allow free elections in Poland and this took place in 1947, though a democratic government was not formed and Poland ended up becoming a socialist state by 1949. Also all the three agreed to form worldwide organization that would be stronger than the League of Nations which had failed. This led to the formation of the United Nations.

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